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Cole Gleason talks 'Mercy Christmas!'
Now playing on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and YouTube digital platforms, is the dark horror-comedy "Mercy Christmas"! The film follows a man named Michael Briskett, who's invited to a holiday dinner by his current lady friend. But as the evening wears on, Michael soon learns of the family's and his dates, gorily-wicked intentions. Cole Gleason who stars in the film as Andy Robillard, one-third of the disturbed family unit. Recently talked about his character in the film, how he almost didn't appear in it, egg nog, and more in this exclusive interview! Check it out inside!More

Grab the first issue of MONSTER SMASH-UPS at this weekends Vampire Diaries Con!
This weekend starting Friday June 24th and continuing through Sunday June 26th will be Creation Con's event Vampire Diaries Con, Taking place in Burbank California! The event is a meet and greet for fans of the popular CW vamp series, but is also slated to debut a few other genre goodies as well. One of which being a spot for the very first issue of Scary Tales Publishing's new horror-anthology mag MONSTER SMASH-UPS! Click inside to get the full scoop on the new comic including a look at some key art and details on how you can score a copy!More

Creep World Intros Horror To Young Audiences!
Horror fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and... ages! With that in mind Martell Books has launched a new book series for the under 18 genre fan called "Creep World!" The series first release features four books all penned by Luther Darkmore. Which tap into some of the most frightening aspects and villains of horror such as evil clowns, living mannequins, and more! What are you most afraid of? Get the full story on the Creep World library inside and learn how you yourself can obtain a few of these fantastic reads!More

New Online Scary Apparel Shop Tomb Service!
Horror fans don't just get their fix through films, movies, and media. But clothing and apparel as well! People know this, which is why an interesting crop of online shops that cater to the horror or goth lover continue to crop up online. The latest being Tomb Service®. A new horror-themed storefront which offers shoppers a wide variety of modern horror/goth clothing, apparel, and more! You can visit the official home of Tomb Service® Here, and learn more about them inside!More

INTERVIEW:'The Lazarus Effect' Director David Gelb!
HM&S talked recently with filmmaker David Gelb. Director of the early-2015 horror release "The Lazarus Effect". A film which dealt with a group of researchers who dabble in experiments of bringing the dead back to life. During one salvo, things go horribly wrong. We chatted with David about his mindset going into the film which hit DVD & BluRay on June 16th. As well as about the possibilities of a sequel. Read the Full Interview inside!More

Splatterific 'MANIA' Teaser Arrives!
An extremely-graphic new Teaser has arrived for the "Kill The PA" entry "MANIA"! Which was directed by Jessica Cameron and stars Tristan Risk, Ellie Church, Jordan Pacheco, and Carlo Mendez! Head inside to get a peek at the Splatterific Teaser! "MANIA" begins when two lesbian lovers flee their home and travel cross country after a brutal murder. The flick will begin its Festival run later this year. Setting up for a 2016 release under its "Kill The PA" docu-venture Moniker.More

CONTEST:Announcing our Two 'The Pyramid' BluRay Winners!
Entries closed at Midnight for our latest reader Giveaway. As last Friday, we kicked off our most recent contest. Giving away 2 copies of the horror flick "The Pyramid" (2014) on BluRay disc! As of now, we can officially announce that our 2 lucky winners are Brooklyn R. Dutson and Will Griesmer! Both will each receive a copy of "The Pyramid" on BluRay. CONGRATS to our Winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in our latest Contest! Head inside for the official announcement! "The Pyramid" is now available at all retailers on BluRay and standard DVD format. As well as at online retailers in Digital HD streaming.More

CONTEST:Win a copy of 'The Pyramid' on BluRay!
We're kicking off our latest Contest-Giveaway! Tonight, we have officially launched our "The Pyramid" BluRay Contest! We're giving away two copies of the Monster Flick on BluRay Disc to two lucky readers! Filmmaker/Writer Gregory Levasseur's film officially hits home disc this coming Tuesday May 5th. If you head inside, you will learn how you can officially enter to win a copy of the movie on BluRay! Beginning tonight, and concluding at Midnight on Monday May 4th (Official Entries). Winners will be announced and notified on Tuesday May 5th. Good luck to those who enter! "The Pyramid" stars James Buckley, Ashley Hinshaw, and Denis O'Hare. Read our Official Review Here!More

MOVIE REVIEW:'The Pyramid'(2014)!
Now available in streaming Digital HD, and arriving to DVD&BluRay next Tuesday, May 5th. Will be filmmaker Gregory Levasseur's sci-fi/horror flick "The Pyramid"! The film, which follows a team of Archaeologists who venture into the depths of a recently-unearthed pyramid in the Middle East. Only to be set upon by an evil and sinister being who lurks within it. Was an intriguing watch. In our recent review of the film, we found it to be an overall fifty-fifty creature flick. With a weak first two acts, before finishing up very strong. Read the full Review inside!More

INTERVIEW:'The Pyramid' Director Gregory Levasseur!
With the film now available in Digital HD Online Streaming. Next up for Writer/Director/Producer" Gregory Levasseur's 2014-released Creature Feature "The Pyramid". Is its May 5th DVD/BluRay bow. And in advance of the films home disc release, HM&S recently chatted up Mr. Levasseur. Who made his directorial debut with the film. That revolves around a group of Archaeologists who explore a lost pyramid, and awaken an ancient beast in the process. Head inside to check out the interview, in which Gregory talks about making the film, its origins, and also reveals a few juicy bits about "The Hills Have Eyes 3"! Which may or may not happen in the future.More

A Childhood Evil terrorizes in 'The Girls Of October'!
Writer Josh Hancock is back with his second written-chiller! Fresh off of the success of his non-fiction piece "Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders". Hancock has returned with a NEW horror novel called "The Girls Of October". Now available in Paperback and Kindle format, the story follows a young film student named Beverly Dreger. Beverly has a strange fascination with John Carpenter's Halloween, believing that somewhere within the 1978 horror classic lays the truth behind an arcane force that has terrorized her since her childhood. When a rash of bizarre murders hit her local area, she soon becomes drawn further and further into a dark web. Whose tentacles reach back into her childhood, and beyond. Inside, you can find out more about "The Girls Of October", and its Author!More

New Stills + First Teaser for Save Yourself!
Today, new images along with a first ever Teaser Trailer have both emerged from the forthcoming Canadian slasher flick, "Save Yourself"! Which was directed by Ryan M. Andrews, and stars Tristan Risk, Sydney Kondruss, Bobbie Phillips, Jessica Cameron, and Tianna Nori! Head inside to get a look at the latest pics, as well as the first teaser! "Save Yourself" is currently in the final stages of post-production, and could see a 2016 release. In the film, five female filmmakers are en route to a big L.A. premiere. But when one of them goes missing at a rest stop, the women soon find themselves pitted against a deranged scientist hell-bent on using them for his mysterious research.More

DVD Review:'OUIJA'!
Could the 2014 Supernatural Horror Release, "Ouija" possibly be as bad as most people thus far have said it is? We recently Reviewed the flick (now available on DVD & BluRay). And while the characters are not too charming in their lack of smarts in this "Life and Death Duel with the Dead"... the film overall wasn't too shabby. Read the Full DVD Review inside! "Ouija" follows a group of friends, who must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.More

ANNOUNCEMENT:Two Winners of our 'OUIJA' DVD Contest Revealed!
Time to announce the pair of lucky winners of our latest contest! a BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our latest giveaway! The two winners of our "Ouija" BluRay + DVD Combo Disc Giveaway are Frank Douglas and Iain Todd! Both will receive a copy of the film on home disc! Hit up the link inside to read the Official Announcement! And be sure to check out "Ouija"... now available on DVD & BluRay everywhere from Universal Home Entertainment!More

Time for another Contest from Horror Movies! We're giving away 2 copies of the October-released Supernatural Horror/Thriller "OUIJA"!On BluRay + DVD Combo Disc! The contest kicks off tonight, and will conclude on Monday February 2nd at Midnight, so be sure to get your entries in before then folks! For now though, hit up the link inside for details on how you can Enter To Win the flick on home disc! From Universal Home Entertainment... Stiles Whites' "OUIJA" arrives to DVD officially on Tuesday February 3rd.More

INTERVIEW:Horror Movies chats with Actress Joanna Finata!
HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF's latest Interview, is our chat with up and coming Actress Joanna Finata! The European thesp is currently tackling projects in the Horror Genre such as zombie flick "Death Walks", Lovecraftian short film "Death Cult", and more! Read on inside for the Interview!More

CONTRIBUTOR PIECE:Modern Day Horror & Gothic Style
We here at Horror Movies like to give guest writers, bloggers, and the like a chance to get their work and pieces featured on our site from time to time. If you remember awhile ago, we featured a piece from one of our Contributors on 2013's Upcoming crop of Horror Movies. Now, we're back with yet another one! This one covers Modern Day Horror and Gothic Style, and offers some interesting and cool tips on how to pull off the look! This editorial comes from contributor Tom Patton. Read on inside for the piece!More

INTERVIEW:"2 to 8" Filmmakers Chat with Horror Movies!
HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF recently talked with filmmakers Soran Abdulkarim and Lucas Sosnowski... the men behind the intense and frightening new Short Horror Film from across the pond, "2 to 8"! The film turns on a young woman who is leaving work for the night, but she suddenly runs afoul of troubles of the supernatural variety. Inside, you can read the Interview, as well as get a look at the trailer for the short plus... more!More

EXCLUSIVE:NSFW Stills from Indie Horror/Thriller 'Mania'!
Recently, HM& were dropped off some very cool NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stills from the upcoming indie horror thriller "Mania"! The flick is one of three indie offerings that compile "Kill The PA"! An upcoming interactive, cross-country docu-project from actress/filmmaker Jessica Cameron, among others! "Mania" was directed by Cameron, and is described as a "F'ked up Lesbian Love Story". Head inside to get a gander at the stills and learn more about the film! Tristan Risk and Ellie Church topline the film.More

'A Haunted House 2' BluRay Winners Announced!
Our "A Haunted House 2" BluRay DVD Giveaway has concluded, and our winners are now chosen! The Winners of our most recent Giveaway are Twitter user 2Chi4u, and Facebook user Alexandra Walker! Both will receive 1 copy each of Universal Home Entertainment's "A Haunted House 2" on BluRay/DVD Combo disc! The film was officially released to home disc yesterday. Head inside for the FULL Announcement! Directed by Michael Tiddes', the flick stars Marlon Wayans, Jamie Pressly, Ashley Rickards, Steele Stebbins, Gabriel Iglesias, and Cedric The Entertainer. In the film...Malcom (Marlon Wayans), having overcome the demons of his past, is ready to start over with his new girlfriend Megan (Jaime Pressly) and her two adorable kids, Wyatt (Steele Stebbins) and Becky (Ashley Rickards). But when their house is plagued by a rash of bizarre paranormal events, Malcolm eventually comes to learn that it's not just "the house", that's haunted!More

CONTEST:Win 'A Haunted House 2' on BluRay/DVD Combo Disc! Posted June 8th
It's time for our Final Contest of the Summer! This time, we here at HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF are giving our readers the opportunity to win 2 copies of the horror-comedy sequel, "A Haunted House 2"! On BluRay/DVD Combo disc! The film officially hits home disc on Tuesday, August 12th, and can get details on how you can enter to win! The Contest officially begins today, and concludes on August 11th at Midnight. The Michael Tiddes' directed film stars Marlon Wayans, Jamie Pressly, Ashley Rickards, Steele Stebbins, Gabriel Iglesias, and Cedric The Entertainer. In the movie, Malcom (Marlon Wayans)...having overcome the demons of his past, is ready to start over with his new girlfriend Megan (Jaime Pressly) and her two adorable kids, Wyatt (Steele Stebbins) and Becky (Ashley Rickards). But when their house is plagued by a rash of bizarre paranormal events, Malcolm eventually comes to learn that it's not just "the house", that's haunted!More

The Winner of our Second 'Joy Ride 3:Road Kill' DVD Giveaway! Posted June 24th
Time to announced the winner of our second giveaway of FOX Home Entertainment's, "Joy Ride 3:Road Kill". On BLU-RAY - DVD Combo disc! Our victor this time around, is Facebook user Bryan Lord! Congrats to Bryan, who will receive a copy of the recently-released horror/thriller flick on Blu-Ray - DVD - Digi HD Combo disc. Head inside for the Full announcement! And stay tuned to HM&S for further giveaways this Summer! "Joy Ride 3 meanwhile, is now available everywhere on home disc.More

EXCLUSIVE:'Scream 5' Green-lit? Craven and Williamson returning? Posted:June 17th
EXCLUSIVE:Have the Weinstein's finally given the go-ahead to Dimension Films "Scream 5"? Are we one step closer to another round of Ghostface picking off unsuspecting, and somewhat haphazard teens in the snug little California burb' of Woodsboro? We received an interesting Tweet this afternoon suggesting that the fifth film might finally be in play! Click inside for the Full Story!More

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