"6 Dana 66 Godina" Kickstarter Campaign Kicks off!

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More and more genre films are raising money through crowd-funding campaigns like IndieGogo and Kickstarter. And a the new terror pic, "6 Dana 66 Godina"...is no exception. The Serbian horror flick from MEW Productions, which we first reported on back in January, has opened up its official Kickstarter campaign! The filmmakers hope to raise 250,000 (Euro) within the next two months. To fund the project which is being helmed by filmmaker Alex Madia Levi, and will star veteran genre actor Bobby Rhodes! Who made his road to genre stardom through Lamberto Bava's Italian horror classic's "Demons" and "Demons 2"! The films official synopsis meanwhile, is as follows..."Sasha Milosevic is a wealthy young businessman form L.A. who receives an inheritance from his homeland of Serbia, following his grandfather’s death. Unwillingly he decides to go back to the Country after 18 years of separation and cut all the ties with it where he decides to buy a derelict house in the woods and convert it into a holiday resort, only to find out that the estate was used by the Nazi soldiers to perpetuate tortures and murders during WWII.

Sasha eventually stumbles into stories of ghosts and eventually meets JASMINA, an old childhood friend: she wants Sasha to ditch the idea of buying the house in the woods, telling him more terrifying ghost stories linked to it. All the tales bring back unresolved issues for Sasha: his tragic past comes back to haunt him. Moreover the killings only occur every 6 years on the 6th of June and last for 6 full days: “6 DANA, 66 GODINA” (in Serbian: 6 days, 66 years). He will discover Satanic rituals, evil forces and strange twists of fate. All happening over 6 days, 66 years after the first ever killing in the woods." Serbian actor Milorad Kapor (Skyfall) is also set to appear in the film, should it meet its fundraising goal, and be able to move forward. So what are you waiting for? Visit "6 Dana 66 Godina" on Kickstarter, and help them bring this bad-ass occult-horror-tale to fruition!

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