Britton returning to "American Horror Story"?

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With Season 3 currently in full swing and 4 episodes in...what could possibly make the newest "American Horror Story" salvo even more dramatic? Well how about the return of actress Connie Britton?! In a recent chat with Rolling Stone...the actress revealed that she hopes to come back aboard the popular genre series sometime in the near future! In the interview, she reveals to RS about that subject..."I hope so. I've actually been talking to them this season, because they're down in New Orleans and I'm in Nashville. I said, "Okay, let's see if we can try to figure this out." She then went on to say..."I'm like, "I'll put that on and jump on a plane and go to New Orleans." Yes, I would do that. As long as we can figure it out with both productions, I'm in. I hope it happens."

Most likely, Season 3 of FX Networks - "American Horror Story". Is all but shot. So the chances of her returning in this current season are slim to none. And it's definitely likely we'll see her return for Season 4. Which is more than likely to be greenlit as or before Season 3, "Coven"...winds down. Inquiring minds most likely already wanna know what the series fourth Season will be about. At this point no one knows. But with ghosts, serial killers, and now witches having already been tackled. There's still room for zombies, werewolves, and vampires to make their series debut next Season.

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