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      CGI is murder in "The Arksville Homicides"!

What is a Sharknado?!

HM&S got dropped a line recently from filmmaker Lewis Roscoe, on his current genre work! The - first ever CG Horror Webseries, "The Arksville Homicides"! Based on a story that Roscoe first penned as far back as 2001, the supernatural-series revolves around the mysterious town of Arksville Pennsylvania. A small forest-hidden-town that's on the cusp of becoming a city. The town and its citizens, (law enforcement in particular)...harbor shady and dark secrets.

Which are all a threat to become revealed when a mysterious something...launches a brutal killing spree against the people of the town! "For those big on machinima, the paranormal and horror, this original roller coaster ride into a demonic hell set against the backdrop of small-town America, will have you leaving the lights on!" The series will center on five main characters who all reside within the town of Arksville. Their names are..."Eidalman, Lucy, Patricia, Hoffman, and Wepps." So what's behind Director Roscoe's motives for making "The Arksville Homicides"? The filmmaker explains..."I have been a story teller ever since I was a child, can't help it. When I left high-school I took to film making, soon realising that animation gives me a way to make whatever I like without needing crew, lighting and/or equipment. If I can imagine it, I can make it!" Poster art for the series is pic'ed to your left. While a teaser for the first episode can be viewed below!

"The Arksville Homicides" currently has its prologue episode ready to go! And it's set to be released later this month or early October. Beyond that, the plan is for there to be 1 10-minute-episode every 4 weeks, put out by the filmmakers. They currently need and seek your help to achieve, a full season run of "The Arksville Homicides". And are currently engaging potential investors via a funding campaign through IndieGogo! Where you can donate to make the first CG horror web-series in genre history happen! Click Here to hit up their official campaign page, and learn about the cool perks you can get for making a donation! And don't forget to Like "The Arksville Homicides" on Facebook!

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