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EXCLUSIVE:Coyne gives birth to evil in "Utero"!

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From filmmaker Bryan Coyne, comes the new face (or more appropriately tummy)...of pregnancy horror, Utero! The new creature-horror flick stars Jessica Cameron ("Truth Or Dare") as an agoraphobic unwed mother, who finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human. The spiderifically-unsettling teaser poster for the film, which was also written by Coyne...can be viewed below!

Pic, which began filming in Los Angeles earleir this week, is a Coinopflix Production. With star Cameron producing, alongside film partner Jonathan Higgins. Richard Marinic (Cowboys and Aliens), is also producing. Director Coyne is no stranger to the horror genre himself. Having wrapped last year on the genre flick "Incarnate". Due out this fall. Specifically, October. "Utero" meanwhile, is expected to wrap in the next few months. And will most likely be set for a 2015 drop. About her latest genre project, actress Cameron gushes..."Utero is the most cerebral script I have ever read and I cannot wait to bring it to life! It is such an intense case study on these endlessly fascinating characters. Horror fans are going to love it!" Meanwhile, Director Coyne adds..."Utero is a film that I have been dreaming of making for some time."

"It is a bare, raw, disgusting but ultimately touching story that I can't wait to tell. I'm honored and humbled to be making this film with my demonic partners in crime, producer Rich Marincic and new partners of Truth or Dare fame Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins. I couldn't be more amped bringing this evil baby to term." Personally, I am intrigued to see what the films main character gives, "birth" - to. Which is always the fun part of these sorts of movies. The big reveal of the "it"...that's been incubating inside the leads stomach for the first few acts. Anyways, to keep up with the progress of "Utero" the movie...hit up the filmmakers on Facebook, and Twitter !

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