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Martell's 'Creep World' brings Chills and Thrills to young audiences!

Horror Likes!

As horror becomes more and more expansive in terms of the audience that it reaches. It will continue to grow an increasingly diverse cache of content. The latest penny to be cast into that fountain is Martell Books "Creep World" series. A new library of horror books for male and female audiences as young as 7 and as old as 16. Creep World recently released the first four books in their novel line. With many more sure to come should their first literary salvo be a major hit with readers. These stories of course have been made available in all the usual formats so that everyone can enjoy them. Being sent out into the world for your Kindle device, while also not forgetting about those classic readers who love a good physical copy with paperback versions as well! Creep World makes sure to cover all the usual bases that tickle most horror fans terrifying fancy.

Penned by writer Luther Darkmore, young genre enthusiasts will be subject to Living Dolls in "My Bloody Mannequin..." a meal fit for a fright in "Breakfast Of Monsters." Petrifying passengers in "Rideshare Of The Dead," and a creepy clown in "It Came From The Attic." You can check out cover art for all four titles below! Meanwhile... while the first four novels are currently available in English only the folks over at Creep World are currently hard at work on putting out materials in multiple languages. Hit up amazon to grab your desired title today! To learn more about the Creep World universe visit the official CW website, and get social with the Creep World team on Facebook and Twitter!

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