EXCLUSIVE:A Batch of Stills from "House Of Bad"!

Can't Get Enough Of Drunk Baby?

We reported yesterday that filmmaker Jim Towns supernatural-horror-drama, "House Of Bad"...was scooped up by Osiris Entertainment. In preparation for a December home disc release. Well now, this AM...we have a batch of exclusive stills from the flick for your viewing pleasure! The stills can be viewed to your left, and the rest...below! Winner of the fan favorite award at this year's Big Bear Horro-Fi 2013 Film Festival..."House Of Bad" stars Sadie Katz, Clint Jung, Heather L. Tyler, Cheryl Sands, and Lisamarie Costabilee.

In the movie...three sisters go on the run with a suitcase full of stolen drugs, yearning to break free from their sordid pasts. But when the eldest sister Teig (Tyler) decides they're going to hide out in their old, abandoned family house, its painful memories quickly become too real to fight off. Unable to distinguish dreams from reality, this attempt at a new lease on life turns into a race for survival.

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