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    EXCLUSIVE:Thompson chats 'Bloodline' with HM&S!

Can't Get Enough Of Drunk Baby?

HM&S recently chatted with "Bloodline" Director/Star Matt Thompson! The supernatural-occult-horror-flick...opens in Regal cinemas in Northern California's Sacramento region, beginning this Friday September 27th! Among the questions we asked Matt, Horrormoviesandstuff wanted to know, what drove the thesp/filmmaker to pull double duty on this project. "As for wearing those two particular hats on the movie, it's pretty hard to keep switching in and out of character one minute you're planning the next shot and giving your co-star some directing, then you jump right into a scene with them," he tells HM&S in the interview.

"I was fortunate to have my good friend and producing partner Michael Reinero as a co-director. He kept an eye on me in the scene and made sure I was delivering the way I should. " With the pic getting a very regional release, most folks won't get to see "Bloodline" in cinemas unfortunately. But don't fret, as Thompson revealed to us that the films home disc drop, isn't that - far off. "It should be out in December or January on DVD - between 3 to 5 months, I'd say," Thompson reveals. "Osiris Entertainment, who is taking care of the theatrical release - and who have done a great job at that!, are also looking after our home entertainment release. I'm glad everybody will have a chance to see the film." Also in our chat, Thompson talks more about his character Brett in the movie, as well as his next genre project...a t.v. show called "The Hive"! Read the full Interview Here!

"Bloodline" meanwhile, also stars Kimberly Alexander, Gina Comparetto, Jesse Kristofferson, Christopher Frontiero, Grainger Hines, Zahn McClamon, and Michael Reinero. In the pic...the eerie past and life of Brett Ethos (Thompson) is slowly unraveled. A young seminary student inching toward a priestly life, Brett falls away from the church as his curiosities entice him to divulge into worldly pleasures ultimately leading to the relentless realities of his identity. Tempted to unmask the hidden mirrors of his past, fear consumes him at the site of the haunting reflections, as self-discovery becomes the most terrifying journey of all. Truth is discovered, blood is tainted, and darkness pollutes their fate, Brett puts his own life and the lives around him in an immense danger as he is torn between his faith and his curse!

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