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Stills + Full Festival roll out for Cameron's "Truth Or Dare"!

Today, we were sent over some new imagery from the directorial horror movie debut of actress Jessica Cameron, - entitled Truth Or Dare! You can get a peek at the latest stills below, and then-some! Meanwhile, the film is set to make its next screening stop this Friday, September 13th! At the Arizona Underground Film Festival (tix). As we've previously reported. There, attendees will be treated to a first ever viewing of the finished version of the film, at 9pm sharp! Not only that, but those who attend will receive a vomit bag to have while they watch the movie (just in case).

Meanwhile...the first 100 attendees will receive Halloween candies - inside their bags! BUT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK STOMACHS...BE SURE TO REMOVE THE CANDIES INSIDE THE MINUTE YOU RECEIVE YOUR BAG. "Truth Or Dare" Producer/co­writer Jonathan Higgins - along with Director/star Jessica Cameron - and actors Devanny Pinn and Ryan Kiser - will be in the house for a Q and A session following the screening! Brandon Van Vilet, and Heather Dorff also star in the movie. In other news, HM&S has also got the scoop on where the flick will travel to post-Arizona Underground! The next day, September 14th...the movie will screen as a double-feature. Following filmmaker Ryan M. Andrews genre flick, "SICK".

All set to take place at the Montreal Horror Film Festival, in Montreal Quebec (tix). The film will screen at 4pm at the event. After hitting up the Montreal Horror Film Fest...the flick then makes its way to the Pollygrind Film Festival on the 12th of October in Las Vegas Nevada (tix)! That screening, set to be held at 10pm. Future showings of the film include an appearance at the Twin Cities Film Festival, in St. Louis Park Minnesota. Which runs from October 17th through the 26th (tix). And then later on in the month, a screening at the Salty Horror Film Festival in Salt Lake City Utah on Halloween Night (tix)! More Festival appearances are in the films future post Salty...but star/director Cameron, is keeping those cards close to her vest for now. Explaining to those who've asked..."None that I am allowed to release right now."

And adding..."But thanks to the fans involvement, we do have more lined up. Thank you to the fans who have been reaching out and requesting our film and their favorite festivals. PLEASE continue to do so! Your voice does count!" In "Truth Or Dare"...six college kids find internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules. Get more info on the film and keep up with all the latest updates by visiting!