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What is a Sharknado?!

Zombies get interactive in "One Night Dead"!

Very rarely does anything new, fresh, and interesting come along with the zombie genre these days. Nowadays, everything seems to be survivors battling the undead, blended to a hard-rock soundtrack, and of course...human drama. While such a formula works for shows like "The Walking Dead", and films like the "Resident Evil" movies. Replicating it a bunch of times gets monotonous. Enter an intriguing new online horror adventure called "One Night Dead"! Which is being billed in its early form as a choose your own adventure zombie story for the mature genre fan. Particularly the 18 and older demo! In this online venture, you star as manning the front desk at the Pine Woods Motor Inn. Working the Graveyard Shift while your girlfriend is out partying in the city.

You don't really expect anything out of the ordinary to occur tonight. Just another quiet nightshift at Pine Woods. That is until strange and bizarre news reports of chaos and pandemonium breaking out downtown begin to pour in on the tele. What exactly is, happening you wonder? Is it a clever ploy? Some sort of ad campaign? Or perhaps it has to do with those three, fidgety strangers who your co-worker on the day-shift told you checked in earlier? When the reports begin to flood in from the web, and the maid runs screaming from the room of the three aforementioned hotel soon becomes evident that it's up to you, and only unravel the mystery, and find out the Inn's newest stays, roles in it. And the only way to do that, is to become a member of Project OND!

This interactive experience also features a cool Breaking News video, which you can check out below! It furthers the story of what is sure to be one hellacious night, and can perhaps hold a few clues as to what exactly is Project OND! Users who visit the official "One Night Dead" website can not only blog their experiences, communicate with other users in an interesting online community, and click around for clues to the story. But they can also add to it as well! Building their very own "One Night Dead" story arc, side stories, and subplots! And the best part is, it's all free! Choose your own zombie adventure adult story. Read it, write it, add to it and pass it on! And have fun! To get in on the action, hit up!