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Director Declan O'Brien (Joy Ride 3: Road Kill)   

Horror Movies and Stuff landed an opportunity a short time ago, to chat with filmmaker Declan O'Brien! A man who's name is quickly becoming synonymous with the Horror Genre. His previous credits include "Wrong Turn 3:Left For Dead", "Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings", and "Wrong Turn 5:Bloodlines". After breathing new life into the 2003 spawned killer-mutant-inbred slasher series. With the aforementioned prequel trilogy. He's now moved on to taking on another early 2000's Horror Franchise. "Joy Ride"! The first film starred Paul Walker and Steve Zahn as brothers who after a CB Radio prank, draw the sinister ire of sadistic trucker Rusty Nail. The film spawned a sequel back in 2008, and now has spawned yet another. Six years later. O'Brien helmed the latest offering, "Joy Ride 3:Road Kill". Which officially hits home disc next Tuesday 6/17. This time around, a young racing team on their way to Canada for a speed racing event. Are Rusty's latest targets. With all that being said, indulge in our Interview with the man himself, below!

Horrormoviesandstuff:So following filmmaker John Dahl (Joy Ride), and Louis Morneau (Joy Ride 2). You're the latest Director to take on the popular horror/thriller franchise. In Joy Ride 3:Road Kill. What did you try and bring to this installment as a first time director on this particular franchise?

Declan:I was a big fan of the film makers and stars of the original Joy Ride. John Dahl has made some of the coolest neo-noir thrillers of the 90's, if you haven't seen Red Rock West, you're in for a treat. I also got the assignment before we tragically lost Paul Walker. I thought it would be cool to mix genres and bring a little Fast And Furious to Joy Ride so I made the protagonists a racing team on their way to a road rally. It was a nod to Paul and I thought bringing some more road action to the franchise would be a fun addition.

Horrormoviesandstuff:Last we saw of Rusty Nail, he was giving a young lady a lift at the end of the first sequel. Where does 'Joy Ride 3' pick up at?

Declan:Rusty has been busy. He's got another cool Peterbuilt and is patrolling a particular highway in an effort to right the wrongs of the world, meting out his particular form of justice. He's contacted for a rendezvous at a no tell motel and things start up from there.

Horrormoviesandstuff:In the first movie, Rusty is very cerebral and hands off. In the 2nd film, he's a bit more hands on. While also maintaining that cat-and-mouse feel. What can you tell us about the franchise villain in this installment? Is he a total 180 from his previous two incarnations, or exactly in line with them?

Declan:Rusty is very cerebral and very inventive in 'Joy Ride 3'. His warped sense of justice is intact in this version as well as a new-found knack for killing. He's particularly good at killing people with his truck. Every kill involves the truck in some way and it thematically brings the truck into the franchise as another character so to speak.

Horrormoviesandstuff:This time around, Rusty has a group of young street-racers in his cross-hairs. A big change from the last two films where his victims were unsuspecting young people ripe for the picking. One would think that this particular set of protogs, would present a unique and very different challenge for him.

Declan:This group of kids are not unsuspecting, they are a confident group of daredevils that are not risk adverse. They face death for a living in their racing so they will be more apt to face Rusty head on.

Horrormoviesandstuff:You got to direct a lot of fresh faces in this sequel. Kirsten Prout, Ben Hollingsworth, and Jesse Hutch. All of which not widely known to American audiences. What was the dynamic like working with this particular group of young actors?

Declan:Finding new talent is one of the joys of working on films like these. Several actors who have worked or made their screen debut with me have gone on to really great careers. I think Kirsten and Jesse had such a great screen presence together. They're relationship really worked for the story and was the driving factor in the action of the film.

Horrormoviesandstuff:Ken Kirzinger takes on the role of Rusty Nail in this installment. After working as Stuntman on the first sequel. What was it like working with Ken, who's no stranger to the genre? I take it he knew the right kind of spin and tone to add to the character?

Declan:Ken is a pro in every sense of the word. Having played the iconic role Jason Vorhees, Ken knows his horror. There was an incredible short hand between Ken and I on the set. It was a pleasure to work with him and he's become a good friend.

Horrormoviesandstuff:A filmmaker has a slate of many different things they want to bring to a picture, going into it. But what was the most important thing you wanted to accomplish as director going into shooting this sequel?

Declan:I wanted to bring a sense of another antagonist to this film, I wanted to make the truck a character. Rusty's truck in this film is like the shark in Jaws, we even dubbed it Bruce on set. So I was pleased that Rusty's Peterbuilt has come to life in this film.

Horrormoviesandstuff:As familiar of a franchise staple as it's become. I'm sure many wanna know, will Rusty's trusty CB radio still play a role in things, in Joy Ride 3?

Declan:It wouldn't be a Joy Ride without a CB now would it?

Horrormoviesandstuff:How would you rate Joy Ride 3 in comparison to the first two films in terms of gore and high octane entertainment value? The first film was very teasie, and thriller'ish. Part 2 amped up the violence and viciousness of the franchise villain, a few more notches. Does 3 return to the more unseen terror experience in part 1, or is it more visually intense like part 2 was? Or a little bit of both?

Declan:'Joy Ride 3' has a ton of new action with some cool road racing stunts. There are all the thriller elements of cat and mouse suspense combined with some really inventive truck related kills that I hope revs up the franchise into to overdrive.

Horrormoviesandstuff:By how part 2 ended, Rusty's got a new truck apparently. Did you guys decide to make any modifications to Rusty's truck to soup it up a bit? Or will his truck be the simplistic (but effective) beast it was in the first two pictures?

Declan:Rusty's truck is a 1988 Peterbuilt, classic cool with tons of power. The only modifications are a very cool surveillance system with road cameras hooked up to it.

Horrormoviesandstuff:What's next for you as far as horror-genre projects are concerned? Anything you're really excited about?

Declan:I'm developing a horror film that is in more a range of supernatural thriller and look forward to exploring that territory.


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