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Writing duo announced for 'Paranormal Activity 5'! Posted:September27th
No Paranormal Activity this October! We'll have to wait till Fall 2014...before "Paranormal Activity 5" hits theaters. And prior to that in January of the same year, the Latino-themed-spinoff..."Paranormal Activity:The Marked Ones". But atleast the fifth film officially has some writers now! In the form of scribes Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan! The fifth movie still has no official helmer however. Click inside for the full scoop!More

'Carrie' is Unleashed in Three New TV Spots! Posted:September27th
Set to hit theaters in mid October, is MGM's remake of "Carrie"! Which stars Chloe Grace Moretz, as the often-tormented (and telekenetically gifted) teenager. With the films theatrical bow closing in, we have three new TV Spots from the movie for your viewing pleasure! Give them a peek inside! Judy Greer, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Cynthia Preston, Michelle Nolden, and Ansel Elgort. Also star in this reimagining of the cult horror classic. Where a high-school-teenager unleashes her otherwordly powers, when she is pushed too far by her peers.More

INTERVIEW:HM&S chats with 'Bloodline' Director/Star Matt Thompson! Posted:September27th
Now playing in very limited release (Northern California) actor/filmmaker Matt Thompson's occult horror flick, "Bloodline"! Which also stars Thompson as Brett Ethos. A seminary student, who's knocked off course and - slowly seduced by his family's dark past. We talked recently with the man himself about the flick, which while it's not getting any play outside of Northern Cali, should hit home disc before the year is out. Head inside to Read the Full Interview!More

'Jurassic Park 4' hatches into 'Jurassic World'! Posted:September27th
It's a new day and a new title for Universal's "Jurassic Park 4"! The film will now carry the monikrer of "Jurassic World", and is set for a June 2015 theatrical bow! Click inside for the full story on the new dino-flick, which will be helmed by Colin Trevorrow.More

New Posters + New Promos for 'American Horror Story:Coven'! Posted:September27th
The debut of Season 3 of FX Networks hit horror series "American Horror Story" is just 12 days away! And you can get prepared for it by heading inside to get a gander at a batch of new Posters and Promo's for "American Horror Story:Coven"! Season 3 will focus on a school for witches in New Orleans, where they are taught to defend themselves to avoid a repeat of what occured during the Salem Witch Trials. Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, and Sarah Paulson - along with others - return. Joined by newcomers Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Emma Roberts!More

AMC Greenlight's 'Walking Dead' Spin-Off Series! Posted:September27th
With AMC's "The Walking Dead" set to return to television with its fourth season on Sunday, October 13th. Now, comes news that a spin-off series to the hit zombie series has been greenlit! The series would debut in 2015, and will be set in an entirely different part of the zombie-plagued-world. Click inside for the full story.More

Watch a Trio of Clips from 'Curse Of Chucky'! Posted:September27th
Now on home disc, is the latest installment into the "Child's Play" franchise, "Curse Of Chucky"! The film has Chucky inserting himself into the life of a grieving family, in order to settle an old score. And if you click can watch three exciting clips from the movie! "Curse Of Chucky" stars Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, and Brad Dourif.More

Roscoe set to unleash 'The Arksville Homicides'! Posted:September27th
Filmmaker Lewis Roscoe is trying to bring genre fans the first ever CG Horror Web-series! In a little project called "The Arksville Homicides"! The piece would focus on the shady secrets that are uncovered in the small town of Arksville Pennsylvania. When a mysterious evil begins hacking and slashing through the towns populous! Inside, you can learn more about the project, including how you can help make it happen, and check out a teaser for the first episode, coming this fall!More

EDITORIAL:This Season's Most Promising Horror Films! Posted:September 11th
Always looking to expand our brand here at HM&S, today we've brought on board a guest writer for a neat little Editorial about the Fall Season's cache of horror films! From Adam Wingard's "You're Next", which ushered out the the forthcoming "Insidious:Chapter 2", and MGM's "Carrie" Remake! This piece covers them all! Click inside to get a read of this Guest-ditorial, by friend of the site...Elisha Acosta!More

Full Festival lineup for 'Truth Or Dare'! + New Imagery! Posted:September 11th
This coming Friday, the 13th...marks the debut of the finished version of actress Jessica Cameron's directorial debut horror pic, "Truth Or Dare"! The film will be screening at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, and from there...will be making its way to new cities and new festivals! Inside, you can get details on when and where you can catch the film after this weekends screening, and also how you can score tix! Cameron also stars in the flick about six college kids who find internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules. More

New Indie Horror flick 'PRETERNATURAL' in the works! Posted:September 11th
Currently raising funds for its production, is a new indie horror film called "PRETERNATURAL"! The pic features the creature design work of one Chris Grun, and tells the story of an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an accused murderer. That quickly turns into a tale of monsters when questions are raised as to whether the person the accused allegedly murdered is actually dead! Click inside for full details on the forthcoming flick, including how you can help the filmmakers fund the project!More

Huston joins 'The Coven' in FX's 'American Horror Story 3'! Posted:September 9th
The latest face to join FX Network's upcoming "American Horror Story:Coven"...will now be actor Danny Huston! Who word has it will play boyfriend to Jessica Lange's character Fiona. Oh...and he's not...a very nice guy. But who ever is on this show huh? Click inside for the full story! "American Horror Story:Coven" starts its run on FX, beginning Wednesday night, October 9th.More

Lipovsky clears up new 'Leprechaun' Film, 'Origins'! Posted:September 9th
Will the forthcoming new "Leprechaun" film, "Leprechaun:Origins" be a remake of the original? A sequel in the franchise? WHAT?! Well, the films director Zach Lipovsky, chatted recently with film outlet Crave Online, and cleared things up once, and for all regarding the reboot! Click inside for what he had to say about the movie! "Leprechaun:Origins" is slated to hit cinemas from Lionsgate and WWE Films, February 28th 2014. The film stars Dylan Hornswoggle Post, Stephanie Bennett, Teach Grant, Bruce Blain, and Adam Boys.More

Argento's 'Dracula 3D' set for October Release! Posted:September 9th
On the 4th of October, you can begin to look out for Dario Argento's "Dracula 3D"! That will debut On Demand, and in Limited Theatrical Release, on that very date! Inside, you can get a gander at the official trailer for the movie, that stars Thomas Kretschmann as the titular Dracula. And also starring Asia Argento, Marta Gastini, Unax Ugalde, Miriam Giovanelli, and Rutger Hauer. More

The casting couch is Bloodied in 'Scream Queen Killer'! Posted:September 9th
Now available for purchase on DVD, from those cinema-psychos over at Chemical Burn "Scream Queen Killer"! A new indie slasher-comedy starring UK Scream Queen Melanie Denholme! Directed by Aquinas, the pic begins when actress Anna auditions for a role in a horror film with a series of bizarre and highly erotic screen tests. The Director is totally silent and shoots alone as he slowly makes Anna do more and more sick and twisted roles. Anna takes it all in her stride until one thing pushes her beyond her limits. Head inside for a look at the official trailer, then click Here to score yourself a copy!More

New 'American Horror Story:Coven' Posters + Teasers! Posted:September 8th
Not only has the official poster for FX Networks "American Horror Story:Coven" emerged...but two new teaser posters and video teasers, have as well! Click above or below to check out all the new goods! "American Horror Story:Coven" debuts Wednesday night, October 9th on FX!More

MOVIE REVIEW:'Among Friends'! Posted:September 8th
80's-themed-dinner-parties are usually a fun and excitign event. Well, that is unless you and your friends have been harboring dark, salacious lies and secrets from the world and each other. In which case, it'll all come out in the wash. And if it doesn't...someone will come along to chop off all of your fingers until you confess! These are the things that make up Danielle Harrises directorial debut of sorts, "Among Friends"! A film where secrets WILL be revealed during dinner conversation. Whether some want them to be or not! Head inside to check out the full Review! More

Landis lands at SpectreVisions 'Bad Vibes'! Posted:September 8th
Coming aboard a new upcoming werewolf flick, from Production shingle SpectreVision...will be the one and only John Landis! Landis will Executive Produce the film, which is being headed up by the above-mentioned production company headed up by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller. Click inside for the full story! "Bad Vibes" meanwhile, is a werewolf flick set in the 60's . Where a rock band leader, cursed with being a werewolf...plans a huge love-in at the band�s ranch where he and the group plan to infect their fans.More

EXCLUSIVE:Sackhoff first to board Flanagan's 'Somnia'! Posted:September 8th
Hot off of starring in the filmmakers upcoming supernatural tale, "Oculus". We've learned this evening that actress Katee Sackhoff is now set to star in Director Mike Flanagan's next genre flick, "Somnia"! Head inside for the full scoop! "Somnia" will deal with a child who possesses the uncanny ability to bring into reality, whatever he dreams.More

More names join MGM's 'Poltergeist' Remake + Plot details! Posted:September 6th
In case you haven't heard yet...MGM is remaking the 80's horror classic, "Poltergeist"! It sucks, I know but money talks and know the rest. Obviously, MGM sees box office dollars here, and with Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie Dewitt already attached to topline the flick, now two more names have come aboard the film! Click inside for all the latest casting news, as well as plot details which suggest that the remake...will definitely be stepping out of the shadow of the original. "Poltergeist" is being directed by Gil Kenan.More

MOVIE REVIEW:'TO JENNIFER'! Posted:September 6th
The latest genre effort from young filmmaker James Cullen Bressack, "TO JENNIFER", arrives to DVD next month. We recently got an opportunity to check out the flick, which plays at the very a road comedy, before building suspense and evolving into one of those types of flicks where the ending is set up to be a bloodbath. However, the films third act throws a huge monkey-wrench into how you the viewer expects this all to shake out in the end. And gives new meaning to the word...twisted! "TO JENNIFER" is definitely set up to be one of 2013's best indie efforts! Head inside for the Full Review!More

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