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EXCLUSIVE:Michael Booth's 'Scarehouse' Terrifies with First Still! Posted:September 6th
We were recently sent over a first ever image from filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth's now filming Canadian horror pic, "Scarehouse"! Click inside to get a gander at first imagery from the flick, which is now shooting in Windsor Canada! Starring Sarah Booth, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Dani Barker, Teagan Vincze, and Emily Alatalo..."Scarehouse" centers on Corey and Elaina, who decide to open a Halloween fun house on Devil�s Night. It�s all fun and games until their former sorority sisters begin to arrive. And are confronted by their past within the corridors of The Scarehouse!More

As far as horror/anthologies go, Kim Sonderholm's "Sinister Visions"...which features segments from three other directors as well. Is a nice throwback to the schlock horror days of late night horror movies, and horror movie shows. Hosted by the likes of Joe Bob Briggs, and others. Where they'd fish out a cheesy horror flick or two to play at around 1AM. Or at times where most normal people are in bed. The flick definitely has that appeal, and tells five terrifying tales in total. Some are better than others, of course. But overall, it's a pretty good collection of stories. Read the Full Review inside!More

MOVIE REVIEW:'YELLOW' Posted:September 5th
HM&S got an opportunity recently to check out filmmaker David Holcombe's indie slasher effort, "YELLOW"! While the movie does have heavy slasher elements, it ends up and unfolds to be... alot more than that! With strong other elements of psycho thriller, psycho sexual thriller, and horror/thriller! The flick follows a woman named Arianna, whos life is plagued not just by her work life, but her personal life as well. When the two intertwine, thanks to a mysterious phone-sex-operator named Jackie, it ends up having deadly consequences! Read the Full Review inside! More

'We Are What We Are' Remake Trailer Debut! Posted:September 5th
The official trailer has finally arrived for Jim Mickle's forthcoming remake of the Mexican Cannibal flick, "We Are What We Are"! Which arrives in limited theatrical release beginning September 27th! Click inside to check it out! Kelly McGillis, Michael Parks, Wyatt Russell, Julia Garner, Nick Damici, Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers, and Vonia Arslanian. All star in the movie, where a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers - keep to themselves. And for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank (Sage) rules his family with a rigorous ferver, determined to keep his ancestral customs intact at any cost. As a torrential rainstorm moves into the area, tragedy strikes and his daughters Iris (Childers) and Rose (Garner) are forced to assume responsibilities that extend beyond those of a typical family.More

This November, you can't Outrun 'The Truck'! Posted:September 5th
Coming in November, will be filmmaker Lee Vervoort's killer-car flick, "The Truck"! That stars John Michael Morris, Rachelle Christine, and Jenna Nichole Ruiz! Inside, you can watch a trailer for the movie, as well as check out some stills and posters for the pic! That begins when Roger and Alice take a weekend trip to explore an old campground Roger has inherited. While there, they encounter a devilish truck that adds miles of terror. Is there anyone behind the wheel? Or is it driven by pure evil?More

Aguilera's 'Something In The Dark' goes Silent! Posted:September 5th
So when was the last time we had a Silent Horror Movie? As in a horror film with not a singular spoken word of dialogue? A long time to be certain. But it's an experiment that filmmaker Steven Aguilera is trying with his ghost flick "Something In The Dark"! In the movie, a pair of mysterious eyewear allow a blind woman to see ghosts. But since they let her see real people as well, she is unable to distinguish between the living and the dead. She soon glimpses Death itself stalking her and must discover why it has come for her! Aussie Supermodel Sophie Turner stars, and can get a gander at early poster art for the flick!More

The Month of September brings forth a 'Bloodline'! Posted:September 5th
Set to be released later this month, is Osiris Entertainment, and Director Matt Thompson's horror flick "Bloodline"! Thompson also stars in the movie, as a young seminary student named Brett. Inching toward a priestly life, he ends up falling away from the church as his curiosities entice him to divulge into worldly pleasures ultimately leading to the relentless realities of his identity. The flick also stars Kimberly Alexander, Gina Comparetto, Jesse Kristofferson, Christopher Frontiero, Grainger Hines, Zahn McClamon, and Michael Reinero. Head inside for the trailer, and more!More

Prepare for a 'Bloody Homecoming' This Fall! Posted:September 5th
Once again, those crazy teenagers have gone and done it! This time, in filmmaker Brian C. Weed's upcoming genre effort, "Bloody Homecoming"! That arrives to DVD and On Demand this month! In the slasher flick, somebody's pissed! When Freshman Annie Morgan and friends are refused entry to their first High School dance by a trio of jocks, and instead..decide to throw a party in the school theater. The kids party a bit too hard though, and one of them, Annie�s - boyfriend ends up dead. Now, three years later, Winston High decides to bring Homecoming back, and Annie and her friends hope they can forget the past and start anew. But a masked maniachas other plans. Watch the trailer inside! The pic stars Jim Tavare, Rae Latt, Lexi Giovagnoli, Grainne McDermott, Alex Dobrenko, Randi Lamey, Jesse Ferraro, and Branden Roth. More

Brazilian Short 'ENCOSTO' garners Worldwide Appeal! Posted:September 5th
The filmmakers from Brazil, who first brought you the genre short "GATO", have returned with another terrific effort, entitled "ENCOSTO"! This 7-minute pieces details the consequences that ensue when after performing a ritual called Macumba, spurned on by Brazilian black magic...a man discovers that the price of your wishes may be too high! The flick comes from the RZP Movies team, that features Joel Caetano, Fernando Calabron, as well as others! Inside, you can get the full scoop on the short film, which has landed, and still is landing...festival appearances all across the globe! The States included!More

Teaser debuts for Cates 'Intrusion:Disconnected'! Posted:September 5th
Today, we've got your first look at the teaser for filmmaker Kyle Kates upcoming indie horror effort..."Intrusion:Disconnected"! The film, that is toplined by actress Katie Stewart, begins after Holly Jensen (Stewart) - survives the traumatic experience of seeing most of her friends murdered by the rosebud serial killer. It's been nearly a year since his corpse was last seen being loaded into an ambulance after being stabbed multiple times. But is he really dead? Stewart also acts as Exec Producer on the project, which boasts Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis as her co-star! Inside, you can check out the aforementioned trailer, and learn more about the film!More

First Imagery & Poster from West's 'The Sacrament' arrives! Posted:September 1st
First ever imagery has surfaced from filmmaker Ti West's upcoming creepy cult horror flick, "The Sacrament"! The film, which is being produced by veteran horror guy Eli Roth, centers on two Vice Media correspondents that set out to document their friend�s search to find his missing sister. And travel outside of the United States to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the world of �Eden Parish,� a self-sustained seemingly...rural utopia comprised of nearly 200 members. The flick is set for a 2014 release, and can get a gander at two first ever film stills, and the official poster for the pic! "The Sacrament" stars Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Kate Lyn Sheil, Kentucker Audley, Gene Jones, Shawn Parsons, and Derek Roberts.More

Zombie Epidemic strikes in Wadlow's 'Wasteland'! Posted:September 1st
Filmmaker Tom Wadlow is primed and ready to bring forth a new UK zombie flick, called "Wasteland"! The film turns on a world ravaged by a deadly virus. Where Scott Miller...a man who, against the odds, is trying to carve out some sort of life. The deadly infection that has ravaged the globe has almost totally wiped out the human race and Scott must spend his days finding water, food etc. Whilst trying to find uninfected people by radio, he must also avoid the many dangers that lurk in the outside world, while he waits for the return of the love of his life. The filmmakers are set to make a near-future distribution announcement regarding the movie, but in the mean time...hit the link above or below to check out some behind-the-scenes vidage, and two trailers!More

Shiver me Serial-Killer-Timbers in first 'Shiver' Trailer! Posted:August 30th
Hitting DVD in the month October, will be filmmaker Julian Richards indie-psycho-horror-thriller flick, "Shiver"! The pic stars Danielle Harirs and follows a secretary who is abducted by a serial killer with a fetish for collecting human heads! John Jarratt, Rae Dawn Chong, and Casper Van Dien also star. And if you click inside, you can watch a first ever trailer for the flick! "Shiver" officially comes home on the 8th of October.More

Jordan comes aboard 'American Horror Story:Coven'! Posted:August 30th
FX Network's upcoming third season of "American Horror Story", "American Horror Story:Coven"...has just added another new cast member! In veteran comedic actor Leslie Jordan! No details currently on what character the actor will be playing but we won't have to wait too long to find out. As Season 3 of AHS is set to debut in just 5 weeks! Head inside for the full story! "American Horror Story:Coven" returns old faces in Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, and Sarah Paulson. With newcomers Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, and Alexandra Breckinridge...just to name a few!More

A trio of 'Riddick' Clips boil over with Intrigue! Posted:August 28th
Coming to theaters next Friday, September 6th, is Universal Pictures "Riddick"! That stars Vin Diesel, along with Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Molla, Nolan Funk, Keri Hilson, Bokeem Woodbine, Matt Nable, Conrad Pla, Raoul Trujillo, and Dave Batista. Today, we have three very intriguing new clips from the film! Head inside to give them a peek! In this latest installment of the "Pitch Black" left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick does battle with a multitude of bounty hunters, as well as a dangerous new alien foe.More

Carrie arrives with NEW Trailer, Posters, and Site! Posted:August 28th
Hitting cinemas on the 18th of October, will be director Kimberly Pierce's reimagining of Stephen King's "Carrie"! That stars Chloe Grace Moretz as the tortured teen protog. Now, if you click can watch the full trailer for the film, check out the latest posters, and hit up a really cool new viral site for the flick! In the movie...A sheltered high school girl unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is pushed too far by her peer. Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Cynthia Preston, Michelle Nolden, and Judy Greer -- also star.More

EXCLUSIVE:First Film Stills from 'Wolf Creek 2'! Posted:August 28th
Today, HM&S were dropped off the first batch of movie stills from the upcoming "Wolf Creek" sequel! "Wolf Creek 2" will drop sometime next year, but for now...head inside and check out the sweet pics! Greg McLean returns to direct the follow-up to the 2005 Aussie slasher. With John Jarratt back as the psychotic, Mick. The sequel also stars Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn, and Philipe Klaus. In the flick, backpackers lured by the promises of an authentic Australian holiday, run up against outback serial-killer Mick.More

Anthology 'Sinister Visions' now on DVD! Peep the Trailer & Art! Posted:August 28th
The indie horror anthology that features viginettes from filmmakers Henric Brandt, Doug Gehl, and Kim S�nderholm, called "Sinister Visions" is now on DVD! Inside, you can check out DVD art, along with the final trailer for the flick! The pic features five spooky and disturbing tales such as "Succubus", "My Undead Girlfriend", "Mother Knows Best", and more!More

Nitehawk Cinema presents Nitehawk Nasties! Posted:August 28th
The folks over at Nitehawk Cinema are doing something cool this year, in the form of Nitehawk Nasties! The series presents some of the horror genre's grossest, most controversial, and most talked about cult horror films! With titles such as "Cannibal Ferox", and "Bloodsucking Freaks" on the slate! Inside, you can find out what they'll be up to this October, where...and how you can score tix!More

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