Horrormoviesandstuff's BEST and WORST - Horror Films of 2012!

So with 2012 on its way out, and a New Year, in 2013 upon us. It's time to look back on this years Best and Worst Horror Movies! This is Horrormoviesandstuff's annual thing that we do, where we give you our list. Of horror movies we think made 2012's movie-going-experience a good one. And which ones made it an epic-fail. This list per usual...covers mostly mainstream theatrical releases, so without further ado...LETS ROCK! First up this year, was Daniel Radcliffe and Ciarin Hinds in Hammer's "The Woman In Black". The tale of creepy occurances at a house, located in a remote village. The problem? The land is supposedly haunted by the vengeful spirit of The Woman In Black. Who wants revenge on the locals for past crimes. But there was also a problem with the movie itself, which is why it gets the first, WORST, of our end-of-the-year piece thus far. When a movies TV spots and trailrs, strike more fear into you than the experience of seeing the actual movie? You know somethings wrong! Add to that, the performance of Daniel Radcliffe as a stuffy British lawyer didn't help matters much. Maybe sending Ashley and Ashlynn from "Final Destination 3" to investigate the property, would've made for a more entertaining...picture. Next we have "Gone". A serial-killer flick that starred Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Carpenter. Ok, so when you read those two names in the cast list, you think...GREAT! This movie should be a blast! Carpenter was good in "Quarantine". And Seyfried was excellent in "Jennifer's Body". Until you realize...that Diablo Cody has nothing to do with this movie.

Amanda Seyfried in Gone

And all of your hopes for "Gone", go up in smoke. And then you see the movie like I did, and well...that just makes matters worse! "Gone" gets our second WORST for 2012. Mostly because it, I dunno...flat out sucked? But if you want a more scientific explanation of things. How about a lack of coherent plot, rampant cliches, a boring script, and an attempt at being a horror/thriller. Minus the vital horror, and thriller elements! It's like delivering a pizza minus the cheese and pepperoni! And by the way, one of Amanda Seyfried's worst performances to date. But how can you blame her really? The script she had to work with was just flat out bad! 2012 also brought the Ghost Rider back to the big screen in ''Ghost Rider:Spirit Of Vengeance". The first "Ghost Rider", although visually incredible. Had some major issues. The country music soundtrack *shudders*...and the villains that were majorly flawed. Part 2 though, although a noisy mess...was quite comfortable in its own skin. And you can thank the "Crank" directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor for that! They made the movie more like the comic book, and less like some Hollywood epic, and weren't ashamed for one iota in doing so! Even though the villains in the second installment, still just never make the grade, "Ghost Rider 2" gets our first BEST of the year for just being a fun time-waster. Sure...it was mostly sound and fury signifying nothing, but it was still a good time at the multiplex! And when you factor in Cage joining forces with Idris Elba and Ciarin Hinds, well...those three leads were strong enough to create some form of actual acting, amongst what was pretty much just a noisy grunge flick.

Ghost Rider:Spirit Of Vengeance

Unfortunately, the high didn't last long though. Because following "Ghost Rider 2", was Open Road Films ''Silent House" Remake. Not only was the movie silently released into theaters. Opening on 2,000+ screens. The film did quite well. Mostly due to hype and Elizabeth Olsen's rising stardom in Hollywood. But ah, the tricksters. They did it to us again! The hype machine got buts in seats. Only once the movie started playing...many of us wished we had spent our afternoons or evenings somewhere else! Me personally? I wish I had just stayed home and got blazed instead. Seriously. "Silent House" was extremely boring! And had a story that was about as interesting to watch unfold, as a Kansas City Chiefs football game! And then there's Elizabeth Olsen. Possibly one of the most stoic and uninspiring actresses to ever grace the Horror Genre! When you add all that into the mix, HM&S gives "Silent House" redux a big, fat...WORST grade for 2012. The Spring time gave us two intriguing genre releases. "Chernobyl Diaries", and "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". The former of which, was a valiant try. In the vein of such POV-filmed horror movies as "REC", and "Paranormal Activity". The film gave itself a chance to succeed, but in the end...the scares just weren't there when they were supposed to be. And quite frankly...NEEDED...to be. "Chernobyl Diaries" gets a WORST grade from us for the year. Whereas "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" was just the exact opposite!

The movie, which creates a fictional scenario of vampires being involved in one of America's more turbulent eras...was not only well directed and well-written. But its overall creativity level and flat out entertainment value were extremely high. Sure, it was adapted from the book by Seth Grahame-Smith. But film adaptations are always difficult stuff, and "Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter" managed to get the recipe right. It gets a BEST from us. Further into Spring, unleashed "The Cabin In The Woods". A movie many a genre fan were looking forward to. Including me. And Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows". Lets take "The Cabin In The Woods" first. After seeing "Cahin"..., I was less than impressed. While the movies story was very ambitious, the execution and script just were not there. And when you factor in its young stars being not-so-hot-actors (talent wise). And their characters being about as one-dimensional as a sheet of notebook paper. Failure here was inevitable. Sure, it was supposed to be a parody of teen horror movies. And sure, it was supposed to be poking fun at elements of the genre. But it was also supposed to be entertaining! Which it wasn't! So we are labeling it one of 2012's WORST. "Dark Shadows" constructed a cast of Hollyw''ds big past, present, and future. In hopes that would make moviegoers glom over a less than steller script. Didn't work on me. But Depp and Pfeiffer bring good enough performances and modestly decent screen presence worthy enough, to not make the movie a total waste of time. While its humor is flat most of the way, the second half delivers the film to a strong finish. That, and some awesome costuming...allow us to authorize a soft, BEST, to "Dark Shadows". Moving on to Summer time in 2012. The hits just kept on...Not coming. As we were treated to three genre releases, "Piranha 3DD", "The Apparition", and "The Possession". With the latter 2 being the most widely-released, of the group. But ultimately not the best in our list.

In the middle of that pack of those 3 films, was the breezy release of the supernatural-thriller, "Red Lights". And the major release of Ridley Scott's horror/sc-fi epic, "Prometheus"! We'll start things off with "The Apparition". Which was just one big what the fuck, mixed with a total ! Words cannot describe was a disaster that film was. Which is a shame, considering its talented young cast. But when a movie rips its ending twist, and over-arching storyline, from the 2005 remake of an Asian horror film? It simply begs for a DEFINITE - WORST tag for the year. Meanwhile Ghost House Pictures "The Possession", tries its hand at tackling the Dibbuk mythology. While the film gives a valiant try at this, it lacks overall scares, suspense, and even a real, tried and true attempt at scaring any audience members over the age of 14. This Soccer Mom Horror gets a soft, WORST from me for the year."Piranha 3DD" meanwhile was a blast! To the snobby horror film fan, it will probably make your most "Annoying", of the year list. When it comes to horror movies. But for someone who saw and enjoyed "Piranha 3D" (2010), and knows and knew what to expect going in, I enjoyed the hell out of this unabashedly schlocky, and sleazy sequel! It gets the BEST treatment from us!

"Prometheus" meanwhile had some killer fx, great directing, and an awesome cast. Not to mention a heavy duty idea for a feature film. But in the end, perhaps too much was working in favor, of this movie. It probably was one of 2012's genre films that was too big to fail. And was so hyped, and so hotly-anticipated, that it couldn't afford to fail. Alas, it made back its budget and thensome, but reviews weren't that stellar. I personally liked the film for its ambition and bringing something new to a quite stale and dormant science fiction genre. But a lot of the attempts this film made to be big, and ambitious with its story, just didn't pan out. However, there was a lot to like about "Prometheus". Even if everything didn't come together like I had hoped it would've, and should've. It gets a BEST grade from us.

Red Lights As for "Red Lights"...when a movie starring Sigourney Weaver, Robert DeNiro, and Cillian Murphy gets a quiet release in the middle of July...you know something ain't right. And indeed that was the truth. "Red Lights" was a movie with lots of opportunity to scare and freak out the audience. But the script writers believed the performances of Weaver, DeNiro, and Murphy would be enough to carry it across the finish line. But as a viewer, I cannot really get into a movie that whacks its talented and seasoned, female lead before the second half of the movie. And then replaces her with a droll, boring, and flat actress like Elizabeth Olsen. It also didn't help that Olsen's character in the film was badly written. "Red Lights" maybe should've slowed down when the lights turned yellow. Instead, it sped through the yellow lights, and what resulted in the end was a horrific pileup! It gets a WORST mark from us. September is normally never a good time for horror movies. It's normally when the studios just clean out their slate to dump releases they never found time for. Or couldn't get released the year prior. But this year, things were worse than normal.

The "Resident Evil" franchise, the veteran franchise on the block. Went up against neighborhood newbie, "House At The End Of The Street". In the form of its latest sequel, "Resident Evil:Retribution". In 3D no less! What would the year 2012 be without a 3D horror film eh? Although two came out prior to "Resident Evil 5"...the studio made sure that "Resident Evil:Retribution" heavily, promoted its 3D underpinnings. In the end, both movies just managed to piss me off. "House At The End Of The Street" was a rampant disaster. A picture that I couldn't fish out one memorable scene from. Between the mis-casting of Max Thieriot, the wasted performances of Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue, and the fact that it was about as scary as a blowpop, how can we not label this one as one of 2012's, harder, WORSTS? Meanwhile on the "Resident Evil" front. You have to take these films for what they are at this point.

I mean after all, it's part 5 now. But you also have to take these films for what they haven't done yet. Considering the backdrops have shifted from underground, to a zombie-plagued city. To the Las Vegas desert, to a ravaged world, and now apparently in part 5. The action shifts to Umbrella Corp's MOTHERSHIP of all Motherships. While parts 3 and 4 managed to grow on me, despite obvious flaws..."Retribution 3D" was by far the worst installment yet. With cloning making an appearance into the franchise again, a lack of original monsters, and some script writing that I'm sure seemed really creative and clever to, well...somebody. "Resident Evil 5" not only gets a WORST for the year. But also, lands the coveted...They're not even trying anymore, award. October though, came in to deliver us some decent horror.

Slated for that month was ''Silent Hill:Revelation 3D", "Sinister" (not in 3D), and "Paranormal Activity 4". I was looking forward to seeing "Silent Hill 2" the most. And it DID disappoint in some respects. In particular, breaking almost all, of the rules the first film laid down. But a return to Silent Hill was cool in other areas. Particularly visually, and the sequel kept with the original storyline of part 1. And continuity is always appreciated. Even after a 6 year hiatus. "Silent Hill 2" lands a barely, BEST for the year. "Paranormal Activity 4" however wasn't so lucky. This fourth go round of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise seemed to have gotten lost in the wilderness when compared to its three predecessors.

Paranormal Activity 4

And when a franchise that started out as being scary as all get out, forgets what made it first and foremost scary as all get out, so early in the franchise, well...there's a problem. The fourth film doesn't try too much to continue with part 3's storyline. Instead, it picks up where part 2 left off. But then again, shouldn't that have been part 3's job? Guess not. At any rate, now into the fourth film, we don't get any cool new scares here. And they don't even bother attempting to rehash parts 1,2, and 3's old scares. So we're left with quite the empty vessel. That tries to add new layers to an already thin story that was working fine on its own merits. And when the finale comes, we kick into demon-zombie-cult mode for...some reason. A true mess indeed, which is why the film earns a WORST from us. But never fear "Paranormal Activity fans, there's always next year...and Part 5! The Ethan Hawke-starrer "Sinister" won the month though in my eyes. And gets a much-deserved, BEST from this genre enthusiast. Hawke's performance, and a whole new sinister twist on the classic Boogeyman story...made this movie a goodie! Despite it taking somewhat too long to get into the origins and dealings of its monster. And a somewhat limited supporting cast. The ending is so unsettling, disturbing, and flat out weird...that how can you not appreciate the boldness of it all.

We now move to November, where another "Twilight" movie hit the big screen, and an old villain returned to the big screen. Marcus Dunstan's "The Collector" sequel, "The Collection" was released. More than a few steps up from its predecessor in every vital and important arena. Such as story, blood and gore, kills, etc...it was one of the years only true slasher movies. And a fantastic one at that! It lands a BEST marker from HM&S. "Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 2" on the other hand, lands a WORST. A BIG one! I am not, nor have I ever liked the "Twilight" films. But "Breaking Dawn Part 2" was the worst yet. Taking "Breaking Dawn Part 1's" place, in that category. Ironic huh? What's not to hate about this movie? It comes off of a real-life scandal between Robert Pattinson being cheated on by Kristen Stewart. Oh, and these kids are all grown up now. So they look ridiculous as vampires and werewolves. Yes, it's official...the cuteness factor is gone! And when you throw in a boring story, boring characters, hardly any action, being all sappy all the time, the lack of character development for Jacob beyond being Bella's lapdog, and Kristen Stewart trying her best to be hardcore Bella in more than a few barely watchable scenes...well, you see why we graded it as one of this years WORST! By the way, damn that double-take ending!

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

To finish the year off, in December. Santa came to town!...AGAIN. And he was baring gifts! Like, an axe, a taser, and a flamethrower! This all making up Steven C. Miller's "Silent Night" movie! A loose remake of the highly-controversial 80's slasher movie. Where a rampaging murderous Santa, hung peoples guts and insides by the chimney with care. This movie just had so much fun being what it was that how could you not appreciate where it was coming from? Sticks in the mud will roll their eyes at a December-released slasher film where Santa brutally murders small town folk, but hey...I'd rather watch this than have to go Christmas shopping again! Oy! In the end, "Silent Night" gets a BEST from us. For being just so damn brazen! I mean...it's not every day you see Santa dump a hottie down the gullet of a wood-chipper! And take on small town law enforcement with a flamethrower! Now that's Holiday Entertainment! And so, we conclude our list of what we felt were 2012's BEST and WORST horror films! Until next year, PEACE, LOVE, AND GORE!

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