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   Spooky Motel Hi-Jinx ensue in "My Better Half"!

Horror Likes!

The cool thing about the horror genre, is that there's always new stuff popping up online in the form of shorts, web-series, and the like. Enter Olga Kay and Brad Etter's freaky scary effort, entitled "My Better Half"! The 7-minute short turns on a young couple who take up residence in a motel for the night. The at first seemingly normal motel, is quickly revealed to be something entirely different.

Once its caretaker - and her identical twin sister...show up to greet their new guests. The short takes on the mantle of creepy twins ala "The Shining". And then blends it with some strong tinges of Asian ghost horror. Making for one spooky watch! But you can watch the short for yourself below and see if you agree!

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