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Horror and Modern Day Gothic Style: How to Nail It
by Tom Patton

Horror Likes!

Being Goth does not necessarily mean being a dark recluse. In fact, Goth lifestyle can be both vivacious and colorful (without colorful attire, of course). It can open up new opportunities, allow you to express your boldness and spirit and to show your dark inner self with the proper physical appearance.

Wear Black

Ease into an all-black style; don't throw yourself into it. Make becoming Goth a natural process to allow both yourself and the people around you to get used to it. Start with gradually subduing the colors of your clothing: by wearing dark blue and purple shades. Later move on to black. There are a lot of clothes that support being Goth: from slacks to miniskirts. Stay with your general sense of style, but give it a black makeover. Being Goth doesn't mean forgetting the things you've always loved.

Goth Hair

Goths usually have pretty outrageous hair styles, but don't dye your hair black if you've always admired your blonde locks. Instead, you can dye your hair black if your hair is brown, or a startling shade of white if your hair is blonde. Or just put a couple of dark highlights in your natural color. You could also consider a Mohawk or another unusual haircut.

Goth Jewelry and Other Accessories
Accessories make a great addition to any outfit, but they can especially enhance being Goth Consider getting a spiked bracelet, a cross-bones belt or a leather-strung amulet. Jewelry and piercings can especially highlight your Gothic appearance. Consider dark tunnels, which always give an air of boldness, or studded plugs. Spikes, studs and crucifixes are often worn by goths. And don't forget your personal touch! Silver rose plugs or plain wood plugs don't necessarily go against Gothic style; they're neutrals that can add more personality to your Goth outfit. Monroe Rings are also very popular with Goths.


For a truly goth feel, you can also experiment with foundation that's a shade lighter than your normal skin color. Black finger and toe nails are also a signature Goth look.

Goth Music

"Goth" is a theme and creating a theme without music can be a challenge. So, find your "Goth music" style. Goth music isn't always played by musicians dressed as vampires; it can easily be regular heavy metal, hard rock, or even classical music. Goth music also does not need to be anachronistic: it can be recently released electronic beats or catchy pop genres. The key here is selecting music you actually enjoy rather than music that would make you pull your hair out. Of course, it wouldn't hurt doing a bit of research on Goth music and how it came about. You may wish to explore Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" or Velvet Underground's "The Velvet Underground and Nico

Goth Atmosphere

If you're truly Goth, you should surround yourself with a Gothic atmosphere. Add some Goth flavor into your home: dark posters, draperies, lighting. Your may wish to repaint your walls a dark color, or sound-proof your space so you can blast music without disturbing others. Consider joining some Goth clubs, reading up on some Goth literature and poetry, or even writing your own music, lyrics, books or poems. As with attire, hair, accessories, and music, tap into your inner passions and channel them out creatively to contribute to your being Goth.

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