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New "Mania" Teaser teases Blood-Spattered Trouble!

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A very cool new Teaser has arrived for the upcoming self-penned F**ked up Lesbian Love Story "Mania"! Which stars Tristan Risk, Jordan Pacheco, Carlo Mendez, and Ellie Church. "Mania" is one-third of the upcoming indie docu-flick "Kill The PA". An indie horror offering that was directed by Actress/Scream Queen and now Filmmaker - Jessica Cameron. Get a look at the Gory and intense new Teaser Trailer below! "Mania" was Produced under Cameron's Small Town Girl Productions banner. Filmmaker Mem Ferda, acted as Producer on the film, with Cameron and Jonathan Higgins acting as executive Producers. Higgins also penned the script for the pic. Which revolves around two lesbian lovers who flee their home town and travel cross country after a brutal murder occurs. "Mania" hits the Festival Circuit later this year. In a move to build up Momentum and Buzz for "Kill The PA" to hopefully land with a solid distributor in preparation for a wide release in 2016.

A singular film which carries the exact moniker of the overall project, "Kill The PA". As well as sci-fi/horror entry "Desolation". Both make up the last two parts of this 3-part docu-venture. The latter is described as a "modern hitch hiker tale". In which Cameron stars in alongside Carlo Mendez. The former meanwhile, is a feature length documentary that chronicles the production of both "Mania", and "Desolation". The end game "Kill The PA" hopes to achieve, is giving genre fans a fun and thrilling ride. While also allowing for an in-depth and point by point look into how indie horror pictures are made. A first batch of (stills) were released a few months ago from "Mania". Which is Cameron's Sophomoric Directing effort after her Freshman project, Truth Or Dare.

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