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  New Poster and Still from Cameron's "Truth Or Dare"!

Horror Likes!

Pic'ed below, is a bad-ass new one-sheet for actress/filmmaker Jessica Cameron's upcoming horror flick, Truth Or Dare! Which continues its national and international tour to audiences. Having racked up nine awards so far, and with screenings in Michoacan Mexico, San Francisco CA,, Hollywood CA, and Long Island New York...from now through January next year! The films most recent salvo was a strong showing in Mexico at the Morbido Film Festival, where it impressed those in attendance. On the 15th of December, it arrives in San Fran at Another Hole In The Head. While in January, it will take Hollywood CA (Shockfest Film Festival) and Macabre Faire in the New York area - by storm!

In the movie, in which Cameron also stars...six college kids find internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules. Devanny Pinn, Heather Dorff, Brandon Van Vliet, and Ryan Kiser - also star in the flick. Which could see a wide release via a distributor sometime in 2014. About the films forthcoming California run, Cameron boasts..."I'm so excited to premiere Truth or Dare in Los Angeles since I and most of my cast and crew live here. It's great to bring my twisted tale home. So many of our friends are the most devout horror fans and I am excited to get their thoughts." Meanwhile, writer/producer Jonathan Higgins adds..."I am loving how audiences are responding to our movie and am very much looking forward to what the L.A. film community is going to think of Truth or Dare." Lastly below, is an exclusive brand new promo still which the filmmakers sent over to us recently as well!

"Truth Or Dare" has taken home a variety of accolades so far, including a pair of awards for "Best Feature", and one each for "Best Horror Film", "Favorite Film", "Best Woman Director", and "Best Special FX Makeup"! A nod to the work of one Carrie Mercado, who handled Maleup FX on the pic. Genre fans who've seen the film so far have given it immense praise! With opinions ranging from..."Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins have written and developed a film which in MY opinion has reset the bar as far as indie, hell even mainstream horror goes for the years to come." (Don Pettit) to more comical ones such as..."I questioned the mind of the writers. What kind of sick depraved mind could come up with this stuff? The BEST minds I'd say." (divainhopkins1959) To keep up with all the "Truth Or Dare" madness, hit up the films official website!

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