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New Chiller "PRETERNATURAL" in the works!

Filmmakers Goat Man's Hill, are prepping a new genre flick entitled "PRETERNATURAL"! The movie recently launched its IndieGogo Crow-Funding campaign for the film, and in an effort to further promote the campaign, GMH has just released a cool little interview with their films FX artist & Creature Designer, Chris Grun!Grun's credits include "Red Riding Hood", "The Cabin In The Woods", "The Wolfman", and the recently-released "R.I.P.D."! A good get for Goat Man's Hill indeed! While the official synopsis for "PRETERNATURAL" is being kept under wraps for now, the filsm writer/director Tim Cunningham promised fans that this movie won't be another entry into the already oversaturated...found-footage-genre.

“It’s not a found footage film,” Tim says. Adding...“Nothing against them, but this will be something more in the ballpark of TROLL HUNTER, but without any of the comedic trappings. It’s going to be a straight up horror film.” "PRETERNATURAL" centers on the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an accused murderer, but quickly turns into a tale of monsters when questions are raised as to whether the person the accused allegedly murdered is actually dead. Although the filmmakers are currently proclaiming the movie won't fall into the found-footage subgenre, Cinematographer/Visual Effects Supervisor and brother of Tim, Sean C. Cunningham reveals that the film won't be marketed as anything other, than a horror MOVIE. “It’s not like we’re going to be marketing this as a true story or anything,” Sean says. “But if we can make the documentary sections feel absolutely authentic it should really add an extra layer of threat to the horror elements.”

Meanwhile, in the aforementioned interview, Grun went in-depth a bit about what the movie plans to offer up genre fans. "This really should be something that makes you afraid of the fairy world,” he reveals. “There’s nothing that I can think that has this kind of...trying to put the terror into fairy like we have here." You can watch Goat Man Hill's interview with Chris Grun in video form below! "PRETERNATURAL"'s campaign runs through September 24th, and if you wish to contribute, you can visit this link! And don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

A Conversation with Chris Grun - Art Director / Creature Designer for PRETERNATURAL from Tim Cunningham on Vimeo.