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Night Of The Chupacabra

    'Paranormal Activity 5' Lands a Pair of Writers!

Can't Get Enough Of Drunk Baby?

For those of you playing along at home...2013 will break a five-year-streak, that Paramount had going of a new "Paranormal Activity" movie - each year since 2007. When the original "Paranormal Activity" landed in cinemas. By now, most of you know that we won't be seeing another installment of this franchise until the Latino-themed-spinoff Paranormal Activity:The Marked Ones, hits theaters in January.

And after that...Paranormal Activity 5...the official sequel to "Paranormal Activity 4", will land in theaters in October of 2014. And speaking of "Paranormal Activity 5", Rope Of Silicon reports that Paramount has tapped scribes Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan ("Almanac") to pen the script for "Paranormal Activity 5". As if these films even need scripts anymore. I mean if you go by what occured in the last 2 movies, it's pretty much a given as to what events will occur in part 5.

I personally wasn't big on the fourth movie. Boring characters, not as much suspense as previous entries, and even the demon Toby failed to bring his A-Game last time around. Hopefully, part 5 which might conclude the franchise...will be more in line with the first two movies. Which I found to be piss-your-pants-entertaining. Part 2 actually freaked me out a bit, especially at the end where Katie stormed the family castle in search of the baby. We need more of that...and less annoying teenagers and cheap scares. Which were on full display in parts 3 and 4 unfortunately. "Paranormal Activity 5" still doesn't have a director by the way. That should be the next shoe to drop. So stay tuned!

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