Synopsis:Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life's ultimate mystery.

Cast:Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green, Guy Pearce, Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson.

My Thoughts:A let down?

Review:"Prometheus" was billed as this huge epic, as Ridley Scott returned to the horror/sci-fi genre he left behind years ago with "Alien". Which later was responsible for creating "Aliens". That movie however was directed by James Cameron. In "Prometheus", we basically are treated to a story that somehow fits into that universe. But at the same time, attempts to be a standalone prequel.

While also trying to be the next big sci-fi "outer-space epic." And also attempting to be a good old-fashioned "sci-fi" movie. So now you see where the problem lies. This movie is too busy trying to be too many things at once. It does a good job of being an "interesting" viewing experience. But it hauls off in so many different directions at times, that we sometimes forget what the heck we're watching! The film has a space crew of salvager's, coming upon a major find. This crew is mixed with salvager's, out for financial gain. And also research scientists. And of course, what would a Ridley Scott movie be without a connection to the Weyland Corporation? Yes...there's a knowledge matrix android as part of the crew as well.

So this major find, turns out to be a sort of sarcophagus-like tomb. Which houses a seemingly deceased ginormous life form. However, once they bring their find aboard the ship, other life forms are discovered. And as happens in films like this, some of that "alien" DNA begins to get peppered around. Soon, folks start changing in strange ways, and the crew finds themselves in a scenario of life and death. Up against something they're only "beginning" to learn more and more about.

I always laugh at films like this when they portray the folks involved as these brilliant minds. Who are extremely smart and educated. Yet, everytime they find an alien lifeform on a distant planet. Somebody mucks up terribly when it's brought aboard the ship. Somebody forgets to wear gloves while examining their "find". Or loses a vital part of it, or misplaces something, or sometimes...the appropriate measures aren't taken to lockdown the specimen. So it snaggles free and hauls off and bites some handyman or something. And then ladies and gentlemen...you have an infection-disaster on your hands! Especially when the lifeform takes up host/root inside the persons body, and starts changing them from the inside out.

Once that person becomes more monster than man or woman, all sorts of horrible disasters begin to play out. "Prometheus" plays out this way, but it's nothing like the "Alien" films. No blood, gore, or gruesome deaths here. No feared predators or tension-filled moments. Just a very well-put-together cast, which features some of Hollywood's biggest stars like Elba, Theron, Rapace, Fassbender, Foster, etc. And characters that are actually fun to watch on screen.
I really liked these people and didn't wanna see most of them get chewed up and spit out by whatever the hell they brought aboard that ship. Which turns out to be some sort of "space god". And has tie-ins to the Mount Olympus mythology. But this movie, while not an epic fail? Does manage to wait a long time before it pushes any major action on you. It's really one of those science fiction films that's heavy on the science fiction, and light on the action. But it doesn't surprise me because there aren't any space marines in this film. Or had-talking tough guys. Just mostly people looking to find out stuff about new worlds. So the lack of shooting, explosions, high-octane confrontations, etc was expected. But I just wanted more monster more quickly. Yes, we do get a monster in this movie.

And when it's finally unleashed, IT IS AWESOME! But, one could say it takes a little too long to get to that. And in the mean time, we're given some decent character drama to work off of. Which involves "male/female" stuff. Subtle of course. And the usual tempermental arguments about what to do with "the specimen". Some are against bringing it aboard, while others are for it. But...just want to leave without digging into the area where it was found any further. For those "Alien" fanatics out there. I won't spoil whether this film actually shows any Aliens from the popular horror/sci-fi franchise or not. Except to say watch it for yourselves and find out. You may be pleasantly surprised...or not. I honestly believe however that this movie being character driven more than "creature-driven"...saves it in some respects.

The cast is filled with such major acting talent that it'd be hard for all these great actors to screw things up royally. But replace this seasoned cast, with some of Young Hollywood's big names? And we've got a major bomb here people. Most people found "Prometheus" to be disappointing. Which I think comes from them misreading the tv spots and trailers. Some people thought it was gonna be "Alien" revisited. I knew better. I knew it was gonna be a more "calm", and "story-driven" sci-fi/horror flick. Still, even I found myself chomping at the bit for something super-interesting to happen eventually. And while it does, it's mostly in the third act. Of this 2-hour film. An act which includes a VERY COOL surgery scene involving Noomi Rapace's character.

As well as a pretty sweet finale/conclusion. In the end..."Prometheus" could've been better. Perhaps should've been better. But considering the film was working from a mostly re-written script, I think it turned out good enough. This isn't a "big bang" movie. No super-loud explosions, effects, gun battles, acid drool, awesome deaths, etc. here. It is however an interesting twist on the sci-fi-horror genre. That brings in a fresh story and some fresh ideas, and works best with what it has in front of it.

THE GOOD:The creature fx were great. Good performances by mostly all involved. Although Theron was a bit too robotic and stoic at times. The third act was good, the surgery scene was by fat the coolest scene of the movie! The directing was sharp, crisp, and on point. I also appreciated the little nugget thrown in at the end for fans of Ridley's work.

THE BAD:I think they could've unleashed the monster upon the ship quicker than they did. The story gets somewhat too complex at times, and occasionally...there's too much rehashing by characters, of earlier plot points.

OVERALL:Three stars out of four.

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