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   Raimi taking Director's chair for "Army Of Darkness 2"!

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Once again, Twitter breaks another horror scoop, as it was revealed recently via the Social Media site...that Sam Raimi would be helming Army Of Darkness 2! We reported a few days ago that Bruce Campbell was on board to return as Ash in the forthcoming sequel. Now with Raimi on board to direct, the filmmakers will most likely now turn to script work, and filling out the cast for the pic. Which will most likely start shooting in 2014. This marks a whirlwind return for the popular horror franchise. Which had a remake to the original "Evil Dead" released to theaters back in April.

And Evil Dead 2, a sequel to that remake. Is still planned to move forward sometime next year. Meanwhile, there's also a documentary about "Evil Dead" franchise fans in the works as well. Called "Hail To The Deadites". Which is currently trying to raise funds through IndieGogo so it can move forward. Steve Villeneuve will direct that, with Tom Sullivan, Danny Hicks and Patricia Tallman on board to produce. So it's looking like 2014 will be the year of an "Evil Dead" resurgence!

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