"S-VHS" Teaser Debuts!

The official teaser trailer for the upcoming indie genre effort, "S-VHS"...has surfaced! Scroll down below to give it a watch! The film, that'll have its world preier/debut at this months Sundance Film Festival...stars Adam Wingard, Lawrence Michael Levine, Kelsy Abbott, Hannah Hughes, and L.C. Holt. The movie is a sequel to 2012's indie/horror/anthology flick - VHS, that featured segments from filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Adam Wingard, Ti West, and David Bruckner just to name a few. And where a group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape. Only to discover more found footage than they bargained for. In the sequel, two private investigators looking for a missing student, break into his abandoned house and find yet another collection of mysterious VHS tapes. In viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they discover the terrifying motives behind the studentís disappearance.

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