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If you're looking for a few good chills to beat the Summer heat this weekend then be sure to hit up Creation Cons 'Vampire Diaries' Con! Running from Friday June 24th through Sunday June 26th at the Airport Marriot in Burbank CA, the event will also feature other genre content as well. One of the MAJOR components being new work from Scary Tales Publishing! A new Indie horror comic label on the block looking to get readers fear juices flowing by releasing issue #1 of their horror/anthology magazine MONSTER SMASH-UPS! Inspired by the black & white horror comics of yester-year, this beast is 40-plus pages of thrills and terror, featuring six frightening tales of fear! Vampire lovers may delight most in the Drac vs. Knight story "Unholy Grail." But the book features five more monster-rific mash-ups to gnaw on, too. There's the villagers attacking the monsters in "The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein."

A swamp creature vs. zombies in "The Bogman Cometh", ancient beasts vs. space miners in "Harvest", the Arabian Nights inspired "Ali Baba and the Mummy Thieves", and a shockingly twisted crime against nature in "Mr. Darwin's Zoo of Horrors!" The latter story was written by the legendary Nicola Cuti, a frequent contributor to classic Warren mags like "Vampirella". To best capture the tone, each story was illustrated by a different artist. Done and drawn in their own respective visual style. Pictured to your left is just a sample of what visitors to the event who purchase issue #1 of the series will be privy to. Attendees at the Con will find MONSTER SMASH-UPS for sale inside the dealers/vendors room. More visuals from MONSTER SMASH-UPS can be found below. Manuel Martin and Bob Berry add some experience and balance to a team of illustrators for MONSTER SMASH-UPS which is made up of both industry vets and newcomers.

Award-Winning Screenwriter, Producer, and now Scary Tales lead publisher Kevin M. Glover explains..."We're very excited to present this more serious collection of horror shorts. Each tale of terror ends with an ironic twist, ala the old 'Tales from the Crypt'. People really seemed to love our companion comic mag, the very funny and successful 'FRACTURED SCARY TALES', (which is about to go into its 3rd print run by the way), but they also asked if we could make a book that wasn't all scary parodies. 'MONSTER SMASH-UPS' is that book. Just don't read it alone in the dark!" The company is knocking $5 off the original purchase price for those who attend Vampire Diaries Con and you can get issue #1 of MONSTER SMASH-UPS for just $10! If you won't be in attendance this weekend you can still score yourself a copy at FracturedScaryTales.com for the aforementioned discounted price.

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