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What is a Sharknado?!

A Hairy situation is afoot in SpectreVisions "Bad Vibes"!

Production company SpectreVision, headed up by Daniel Noah, Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller...are reportedly moving forward with a new werewolf flick called Bad Vibes! The film, will be set in the psychedelic 60's, and Deadline reports that the group has brought the legendary John Landis on board as executive producer on the flick! Early poster art is pic'ed to your left, and the movie is set to be helmed by Gebroe. Who also penned the screenplay for "Bad Vibes".

In the film...Sunrise Majesty is at the top of the charts with their message of ‘free love’ for all. But after an encounter with a strange groupie, bandleader and mastermind Max Cassidy is left with a gift that can’t be cured with a shot of penicillin. Max has been touched with the curse of the werewolf, transforming him into a dark and brooding nihilist whose new sound is almost as disturbing as his new plan: to hold a huge love-in at the band’s ranch where he and the group will infect all their fans, unless Cynthia, Max’s girlfriend and the last untouched member of the band, can stop them.