[The Perfect House]
Synopsis:Three unique horror stories connected by a bookend story tells of the horrifying past a young couples potential dream house has endured.

Cast:Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin, Dustin Stevens, Monique Parent, Andrea Vahl, William A. Robertson, Kris Smith, Timothy Dugan.

My Thoughts:A sordid horror-twisted tale of modern day suburbia!

Review:Horror/Anthology movies usually work in one particular fashion. They tell three, four, or five separate stories. And then conclude. Or sometimes, they have one wrap around story to tie everything into one neat little bow. But "The Perfect House", an indie horror-thriller from filmmakers Kris Hulbert, and Randy Kent...does the "anthology two step" in a clever, twisty, new little way! A trick which it hangs its hat on entirely!

The movie opens with a very comedic, black humor-esque scene where a family goes to visit their neighbor across the way for dinner. Once there, he asks the dad of the clan about his lawnmower. Once an answer the neighbor doesn't appreciate very much is given, a quick and violent reaction then triggers our story. The film is indeed an anthology pic, but instead of telling separate stories with separate characters.

That are totally absent from the stories that come before or after them. The film focuses on one male character primarily as the killer. The films villain, who's played by Jonathan Tiersten. It shows his gradual rise as a psycho-killer. From his broken family life as a teen, to him becoming a young (and twisted) adult male killer. Mid 20's or so, and then finally...an older fifty'ish male killer. As he grows up, and continues butchering people. In the same house no less, the film introduces us to his family, who are the first victims of his wrath.

After that, he starts snatching random people in the neighborhood and imprisoning them within his basement. That of course, is followed up by some typical "slasher flick" torture sequences. And finally, a modern day family with some..."internal issues", become the next victims of his wrath. The mom of that family, is played by one Felissa Rose. Who finds herself playing the victim in this film. A role you don't see her in very often. I like the way this movie kind of blended and weaved a few sub-genres of horror into its overall crafted story though.

It kind of felt like it was 3 movies in one. A movie about a normal boy who becomes psycho because of his screwed up family. Then, a movie where some psycho snatches people at random. Who he believes are ruining society because their morals don't line up with his. And imprisons, tortures, and eventually kills them. Ala "Saw". And then finally, a movie about a guy who sees a family in trouble and harboring secrets, and decides to "teach them a lesson". I also saw a little bit of "Terror Tract" in this film, as far as its dark, and ballsy, humor was concerned. I mean...when a female character in your movie utters the line..."All I know is...I get fed on Wednesday's, and raped on Friday's"...as she is sweaty, frightened, and locked inside a cage in a rusted, dimly lit basement.
That takes guts as a writer for it's political incorrectness alone. Even for a small, indie production! The killer himself is also made to be the total star of the movie. Again, an interesting little twist on the flick. Considering that in most slasher films, the killer is usually upstaged by a brave female lead type. But in this film, this dude dominates! And...it's intriguing watching his character evolve and grow throughout the years. Although if one were to nitpick, the fact that he's able to keep on killing in the same location without being caught is either a plot-hole, or the writers reverse take on suburbia and its "clueless-ness" and "isolation"esque attitudes. Which enable psycho murderers to operate with impunity.

But all of this is kept under-wraps for the most part because the movies tie-in, is that a new young couple is taking a look at the house where all of these atrocities took place. And as they're led around on the "guided tour"...by a Playboy Mag'ish Real Estate agent, the film gives the viewers a look into each set of killings that took place within the house and its walls. "The Perfect House" also operates as a slasher movie, along with being an anthology pic. And it plays in that pond quite well. It has a lot of 80's-styled flare with the blood, gore, and death sequences. That are a cross between something you'd see in "Creepshow", and a "Tales From The Crypt" episode. And even a movie that you might catch on the old USA UP ALL NIGHT telecast from back in the day. "The Perfect House" ends a bit strangely though.

I didn't hate the ending, but I thought something more dark, and ominous would've sufficed. The ending we get in my opinion, is a tad bit too cheesy for my tastes. It works, but for me it's a toss up approval wise. But "The Perfect House" as a small-budget digitally-released horror/anthology picture, makes do with little money by taking a fresh approach to the story and how it's crafted overall.

THE GOOD:A fresh, new approach to the horror/anthology film. By focusing on one character and his evolution, was an excellent idea. And worked really well. The death scenes were deliciously brutal, and the dialogue is risque and very harsh. Fits the picture well.

THE BAD:The ending could've been reworked to be more of a punch-to-the-gut. But, oh well.

OVERALL:Three stars out of four.

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