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The Winners of our "The Pyramid" BluRay Giveaway!

Horror Likes!

Time to announce the two lucky winners of our "The Pyramid" (Review) BluRay Giveaway! We recently kicked off our latest Contest for our readers last Friday. Revealing that we'd be giving away two copies of the horror flick on BluRay disc! As of Midnight Monday, the entry period officially closed and now it's time to reveal our 2 winners! Brooklyn R. Dutson and Will Griesmer will both each be receiving a copy of "The Pyramid on BluRay! CONGRATS GUYS! And a BIG THANK YOU, to everyone who participated in our latest Contest. And as always keep in mind that our Next Giveaway is as usual, right around the corner! "The Pyramid" meanwhile is currently available on BluRay, DVD. As well as Digital HD Streaming.

Starring Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O'Hare, and James Buckley. The film is set in a remote area of the Egyptian desert, where a team of archaeologists from the U.S. finds an ancient pyramid buried deep below the sands. As they begin exploring the pyramid's interior, the team becomes lost in its vast array of catacombs. Lost in the darkness, they begin to desperately seek a way out. They soon realize that not only are they trapped in its maze-like interior, but that they are being hunted as well. Check out our recent interview with "The Pyramid" Director Gregory Levasseur (Here)!

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