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The Season's Most Promising Horror Films!
By Elisha Acosta
Thanks to the ways in which we can now entertain ourselves in the comfort of our own homes, there's not a lot that can get many of us off the couch these days. For our movies and TV needs, we can just log into an On Demand app or stream Hulu through the television. For our gaming and casual entertainment, we can find endless arcade options online. Even for gambling related gaming, we can now access and enjoy Betfair, a casino site with a massive network of online users exchanging actual cash through everything from card tournaments to slot arcades. And to enjoy a good book, we no longer even need to head to the store - we can just download one electronically!

You get the basic idea. There are so many ways to keep ourselves occupied at home, external sources of entertainment have taken a backseat. Occasionally, however, there's still something unique or interesting enough to warrant traditional entertainment - and this fall, for fans of horror fiction, that something will be a batch of new movies that look positively terrifying. Every Halloween season we're treated to a few new movies in our favorites genre, and it becomes well worth it to head out to the closest theater to catch the action on opening Friday night, rather than waiting for it to pop up on a streaming service. So with that said, here's a quick look at the season's 3 most promising horror films!

You're Next This film was actually released in the United States in late August, and proved to be a delightfully terrifying experience. The movie, from Lionsgate, appears at first to be a casual, typical "home invasion" horror flick about a family ambushed by masked axe murderers in a vacation home during a family reunion. However, when one member of the family unveils a unique ability and inclination to fight back, the movie takes on a totally original twist. Insidious: Chapter 2 In the first film, we saw Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) retrieve his son from the "Further," supposedly, or at least temporarily, saving the family from demonic spiritual ties that were causing paranormal events.

It was a relatively basic, but still scary and satisfying film. In the sequel, we find that Josh, following his direct contact with the "Further," is now showing signs of paranormal ties as well, and that the family is not yet out of supernatural harm's reach. Carrie.

This film, set for release just a couple of weeks before Halloween, is your classic tale of peer bullying gone too far - only in this version, Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) - a girl sheltered by her mother and shunned by her peers - has the ability to wreak havoc on her entire community through telekinetic powers. It looks to be a classic and seasonally satisfying genre movie!