Two more join "Poltergeist" Remake + Plot details emerge!

As we near the Fall shoot start for MGM and Gil Kenan's upcoming Remake of the horror-classic, Poltergeist (can't believe I'm even reporting on such an abomination)...more casting news has begun to trickle out in preparation for the flick. In addition to the already signed Rosemarie Dewitt, and Sam of the latest names to be mentioned in connection with the film, is actor Jared Harris! Who Deadline reports today, has joined the cast of the movie! Meanwhile "The Following"s Kyle Catlett has also come aboard.

Jared Harris will reportedly play Carrigan Burke, an ex-teacher who left Academia, to become the star of a cable TV show based on the paranormal called "Haunted House Cleaners". Obviously, in the business of ridding peoples homes of spirits, ghosts, spookies, and what not. So if you're asking yourself right about now, what ties if any, the remake will have to the original. Well, it's definitely more of a reimiagining of the original "Poltergeist". For one thing, Tangina from the original, played by the late Zelda now being replaced with a team of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal experts. Think "Insidious"...all over again. Meanwhile, the Freeling Family, has been replaced with the Bowen family. And the Bowen family's better half, Amy...apparently has the uncanny ability, to communicate with the dead! SHOCKING! Who didn't see that coming? To make matters even stranger, Eric Bowen (Rockwell), the husband/father of the family...has an ex who he brings into the house to investigate the strange goings-ons.

Her name is Dr. Brooke Powell, and she is a Parapsychologist! Which is just a fancy way of saying...yep, she chats it up with the dead also. Seems our boy Eric has a thing for women who possess a third eye. Not sure if all this will be touched upon in the actual film, but how can it not be? Someone has to explain why this guy is seemingly attracted to women who talk with the deceased. Atleast I hope, shrugs. Anyways, Nikki Blonsky ("Hairspray"), is also reportedly in talks to land a role in the film as well. The script for "Poltergeist" (2014), was penned by David Lindsay-Abair. We'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop, as this redo progresses and furthermore...aims towards its 2014/2015 release date!