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What is a Sharknado?!

Look out Sleazeballs, it's...."Scream Queen Killer"!

Now available from Chemical Burn Entertainment, is a new shock horror film called "Scream Queen Killer"! Directed by Aquinas, this slasher/comedy flick stars highly-popular British Scream Queen Melanie Denholme, who has won an Indie Film Festival award for her portrayal of Anna, in the movie. An actress who auditions for a role in a horror film with a series of bizarre and highly erotic screen tests. The Director is totally silent and shoots alone as he slowly makes Anna do more and more sick and twisted roles. From being kidnapped by aliens to bursting out of a strange man sized balloon naked, Anna takes it all in her stride until one thing pushes her beyond her limits. Soon...she turns the tables on her tormentor. And in the process, also turns the tables...(er casting couch), into a bloody mess! The film is being buzzed-about as a jab at the sometimes all too real world of indie horror filmmaking.

And the films bubbling popularity, has paid off for its star Denholme. Who is currently recording a scream queen single with some of Britains top record producers! Along with lining up new genre film projects! You can also catch her later this year in two more indie scare flicks..."Dark Satanic Magick", and "Ancient Demon Succubi"! Both once again helmed by filmmaker Aquinas, who claims the latter of the two movies is...the most shocking film to come out the UK in decades! For now though, you can check out the official "Scream Queen Killer" trailer below! Meanwhile...you can order up your own copy of "Scream Queen Killer", by visiting Chem. Burn's official site Here! And be sure to hit up Melanie at her official web digs melaniedenholme.net!

Anna: Scream Queen Killer: She's Had Enough from Reality Films on Vimeo.