EXCLUSIVE:Pagan hijinx abound in Meyer's "The    Winedancers"!

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HM&S recently got dropped a line via the filmmakers, on Director Gary Meyer's forthcoming French genre flick...The Winedancers! The film brings together a multitude of international acting talent, including French, Mexican, and Scandanavian actors. Just to name a few. The pics full cast includes Antoine Martin, Lucinda Rhodes, Kim Sonderholm, Callie Roberts, Edmund Digby-Jones, Kyle Calderwood, Marina De Salis, Mariana Penalva, J.C. Montes-Roldan, Kasia Koleczek, Miglen Mirtchev, Andrea Catozzi, and Jonathan Christopher Duncan. Meyer also wrote and produced the movie, that just wrapped on a five-week shoot in the South of France. "The Winedancers", which comes to us via Godam Film...is being prepped for a 2014 release.


The pic is described as a Horror/Comedy effort, where..."a number of groups of people come together and meet up, in what to begin with looks very coincidentally, at a winecheateu in the South of France. Needless to say, it won't take long until a lot of very peculiar incidents start taking place; odd Pagan rituals, chateau hosts very far from the ordinary, people slowly going off the deep and end one by one - and most importantly: bloody murder - VERY bloody murder, in fact! Plus, it offers real suspence that can almost be described as a classic game of whodunit with a lot of twists and turns!" About his motivations for coming up with the story for "The Winedancers", filmmaker Meyer explains..."It all started in my back garden, I was working with a friend of mine who was into films so that's all we talked about. I wanted to write something new, raw and keep it that way not allowing it to be changed by outside influences and pressures to make it the same as everything else out there."

He continues..."A mixture of horror comedy and theatre, a roller coaster of emotions. For some reason I came up with a transvestite cowboy line dancer as the main character wearing stiletto heals and tapping to the beat of "Cotton-Eye Joe". To this day I'm entirely sure where that idea came from.Then after some brain storming and getting some work on a vineyard "The Winedancers" was born. The inspiration: Robin Hardy's "The Wicker Man", Tony Scott's "The Hunger" and life here in Provence with its deep routed French way of life resisting change as much as it can from the outside world. The wine, the vineyards and the Pagan-like festivals which are held in the small surrounding villages during the summer. Oh yes I almost forgot, and the French love of dancing...... line dancing, it seems inherent. It is so beautiful here that one can only get inspired but just below the surface of this beauty lies greed, corruption and the unseeing innocent victims who are lured here by its magic, its a magnet for it. "The Winedancers" is this story hosted by the greek gods Pan and Bacchus and not to mention a glass or two of wine." Below, are some early stills from the film for you to check out, and we'll have more on "The Winedancers" as we hear it!

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