Horror Movies and Stuff teams up with HorrorCorp!

Exciting news here at HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF, as we're proud to announce our new partnership with Kenneth R. Foisy Jr.s new Horror Movie Studio, HORRORCORP! As the fastest growing genre site on the web, we here at HM&S are always looking for new ways to expand the brand, while at the same time. Bringing you all the latest news and popular (as well as rare and obscure)...forms of genre entertainment! A few weeks ago, we launched our first ever IndieGogo campaign, called BLOODY MONEY! Where we're raising money for HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF:THE WEB SERIES! Now, our new partnership with HORRORCORP will allow both entities to flourish and expand even further as we promote and partake in the genre we love so very much! Originally founded in 2005 by Nicky Jones, HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF has quickly risen from a fledgling site, to become one of the fastest growing, and most unique horror sites on the web! With a more modern and pop-culturish approach to the genre! Targeted mostly at the key 18 to 45 demo, but also holding a spot with the older horror fan or enthusiast as well!

HM&S is mostly known for really embracing the genre, and not covering just anything that might or might not lean horror. But instead, really searching for films that truly represent the genre! We look forward to working with HORRORCORP long into the future, in terms of collaborating on film projects, and exclusives...just to name a few. HORRORCORP was founded this past January by Kenneth R. Foisy Jr., and is a new movie studio devoted to producing and distributing horror features for domestic and worldwide digital platforms!

Including also, focusing exclusively on developing full length feature independent movies! "We develop in house, acquire independent movies and just really enjoy being apart of the independent community and immersing ourselves in the horror world developing all kinds of projects," says HORRORCORP founder Foisy Jr. "We are in various stages of development on a slate of horror movies for 2013. Our first feature may have a director horror fans are very familiar with! The second is a movie very much like "Slumber Party Massacre" and those cool eighties horror slasher movies!"

HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF and HORRORCORP are currently in the early stages of cooking up many new (and terrifying) experiences for genre fans! And as soon as we have something to announce beyond our new business venture, our readers will be the first to know! For now though, support from horror fanatics is always needed and very much appreciated! So please visit and like - HORRORCORP on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and bookmark their official website for all the latest updates! Meanwhile, keep visiting Horrormoviesandstuff for all the latest horror movie news, reviews, and more! And don't forget to Like and Follow HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF on Facebook, and Twitter!

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